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How to Make Blacklight Glowsticks

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Thumbtack (if you want to use it for glowstringing)

Yellow or Pink Highlighter (yellow glows green, pink glows orange, but yellow glows more)

Tubing used for ice cream machines (one size that is bigger than the other so you can fit the other one in the big one) You can buy it at ace hardware store.

Hot Glue

string (again, if you want to use it for glowstringing)

Eye dropper or a funnel or just something that can pour liquid

Some patience.


Step one:

Make the tubing the desired size. Make the smaller tubing about a centimeter shorter than the thick tubing.


Step two. Fit the small tubing in the big tubing. Make sure it is straight, and not cruved, if you are glowstringing that makes it wobbly.


Step three: Seal one end with hot glue so no liquid can escape when it's poured in. Make it so the hot glow is about two or three centimeters in.


Step four: Use the tack to stick a hole in the tubing. Thread a string through it. ( I use embroidrey floss) Make the string the desired length.


Step four: Some how get teh liquid from the highlighter. I get it by squizing it into a jar then cutting the plastic in the ink pack and running a little bit of water through it tell all the ink is in the jar. If you want it to be really bright just add the highlighter in with no water at all. WARNING : THE HIGHLIGHTER DOES STAIN


Step five: Seal the last end with hot glue. Check it under a blacklight, and if it works, your done.






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most colored glowsticks glow under a blacklight anyways...


well at least the red/pink ones do

Tehy do, but not very well. These glow like a normal glowstick would without a blacklight in the same light condesions.

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yay thanks for the steps!!

i have a few blacklights inmy room

now i get to save money on glowsticks when practicing now !!


woot woot !

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hmmmmm interesting.

I'll have to try this one out.

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