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something I once wrote

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This is something I wrote a while ago.


Love again…


It happened once,

Now it happened again.

I loved you once,

And now I do again.


My love was but a stream before,

A little flow, nothing more.

Yet this time around,

My love is like a torrent,

A tidal wave of sorts.


It gives me the ability,

To do all sorts of things,

To fly, it gives me wings.


Yet as much as my love makes me do,

I still feel,

It doesn’t bring me closer to you.


For so many things,

Does my love stand,

Yet we are still not together,

Hand in hand.


And I still long for a day,

On which you say,

With you, I will stay.


I would really like to hear what you've got to say about it, I might add more poems later if you all like these.


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I am not certified,

to give a critique,

but I must say,

your poem is neat!


Sad it seems,

but yet so true.

Unrequited love

is crappy too.


Keep writing poetry,

or minimalistic prose,

I'll read it sometime,

if this thread doesn't close.

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I do not intend,

to close this down.

It almost died,

yet now, finally,

an answer has arived


(hm, I should just stick to writing about my feelings, makes for better lines)

So, again something I once wrote (half a year ago) I do feel better now then when I wrote this (luckily :) )


Empty shell…


I am but an empty Shell,

A shell, filled,

With broken dreams,

And shattered hopes.


I once dreamt,

Of what the future might hold,

Now all I think of,

Are the lies, which to myself,

I once told.


I once hoped,

For a brighter tomorrow,

Now all which is left over,

Are my dry tears and sorrow.


I once believed,

That my changing would help,

Yet now I realise,

That no matter what people say,

I haven’t changed enough,

To matter in a way.


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