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My pic pwns your pic!! V.2

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This is a picture-posting sandbox game that's very enjoyable for all. Ok, so here's how this game works.


I post a picture of whatever I want, say for instance... this sad clown.






The NEXT poster will have to post something that effectively PWNS my picture and you also have to write a short description of how my picture was PWNed by your picture. For example:





Your sad clown is dowsed by my 5 gallons of CHEER!!!


and then,





Woops! looks like you spilled your Cheer and have a mess to clean up!









1. NO GODMODING!! your picture has to make sense in how it PWNS the picture above it!


2. PHOTOSHOP IS ENCOURAGED! Be as mean and nasty as you can however you can!


3. Keep it funny! (but don't be an asshole)


4. The more related to GSC the better!



And here is the starting picture, let the battle begin!










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