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My Poems Thread

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i can see myself writing more poetry in the upcoming days/weeks, and wrote one last night if you wanna take the time to read and tell me what you think ^_^




The stars that shine brightest here

sparkling behind the clouds,

hidden all day, giving to worry

the inability to shine that night,

never wanting so badly

to shed their light again.


But her smile brings a happy wind

to remove the sheath of clouds,

twinkling and waiting anxiously

to see the smile desired,

that the very clouds

move aside, to grant access

to her gazing eyes.


Finally, they jump in excitement;

she's there on the pavement

shivering with the chilling air,

each baby star giving it's all,

to catch her eye and maybe a smile,

watching in wonderment

such the divine.


The drum beat so far away

audible with hope and wish,

clasped fingers despite the chill

the clouds that roll back in

to cover the brilliant abyss

that strove so desperately for her touch;

tucking back in for another time

the moment she rode away.

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I never picked up a talent for writing poety but i do love reading it, lol jsut look at my sig. but dude seriously both of those are awsome.

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these next two were gunna be entered into a poetry slam contest along witht he other one from my other thread. we had to have a serious one (that other one) a funny one, and another of either kind. enjoy.




The War


I clicked the link but wasn’t prepared,


Flashed across the browser’s face,

Causing my voice to rise and exclaim

“Away with you, you evil fiend!â€


It’s sad that that was just the start

That pop up ad, easily defeated,

Did not go away quietly enough.


I clicked the red X but that fueled the fight,

It’s death a cry for help from nearby friends.

CLICK NOW FOR A 360! Boxed me in.

YOU’VE WON AN IPOD! Had such a nano sized button,

It was nearly impossible to remove.


Yet, as soon as Apple had passed away,


Blocking out my Google search,

Which became a fossil beneath the dirt.


“This can’t be happening,†I thought to myself,

“All I wanted was to search Ebay,

Or maybe check my Hotmail!â€


But it was too much for my Windows 95,

Beaten and battered as she was,

And with a pop,

And a fizzle,

Her face went dark,

Succumbed to the brutality…


Of the pop up wars.







No light yet shines from within,

The cylinder containers,

The chemicals safely stowed apart

By inner glass tubes.


Flexible to a touch,

Testing strength to use,

Gently tapping upon the plastic,

Before cracking the magic inside.


Break the glass tubes,

Make the sticks glow,

As chemicals mix

And colors explode.


The glow sticks are ready,

Beaming so bright.

Time for some music.


Electronic beats,

Steadily grow,

To a fast tempo.


The dance begins,

Holding the sticks

Tight in hand

Creating long trails

Of brilliant light,

A show for all those who watch.


A swirling excitement,

A few quick tosses,

And with skillful catches

Flashing the sticks in front of eyes.

The euphoric feeling

Of being alive

Grows and builds until

The only thing that matters,

Is continuing the dance.


The music will continue,

Long after the glow sticks

Fade away,

Become dead plastic,

Even more cold than at start.

But the feeling remains,


Deep within the heart.

The love of the dance,

That sacred dance.

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