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The Shores Of Isle GSC

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I wrote this on October 14th and forgot to post it up so it's exactly a month old now lol. I spent quite a bit of time on this one trying to make it sound just right.


The Shores Of Isle GSC


The wave washes up

With faces that stay

When the wave recedes

Others are washed away


Some cling as they are pulled

Others let go and disappear

But some climb up on the isle

Washing away no longer a fear


The endless information ocean

Has ignorance tearing it apart

But those who wash up on these shores

Find one of its beautiful beating hearts


The island is full of wonderful people

Who came to be here like you and me

They stayed with the family they found

Washed up on the shores of Isle GSC

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Wow, this is a pretty late post, but at least it's here.

The way this is written, to me, perfectly embodies the community here at Gs.C.

I can almost imagine this being recited or even projected onto a screen while

glowsticking of all kinds goes on in the background.

Absolutely awesome.



I'm LordHappyPantsXIII and I approve this message.

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