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Umm Right, I'm a poet =p So yea, there's plenty of poems and stuff to go around from me. At the current time though I have held myself back because of football season and stuff. So, I will no be writing poetry for another month or two. But this is for all my old stuff and upcoming stuff. I also write stories, I was working on one with my friend that is currently held at a stand still, that might be posted here even though it has some, umm... Different attributes :sm_bigeek: I also wrote a story for my friend from a basic idea he gave me. It was sort of like a comission kinda thing I guess. But yea that one is kinda weird as well Xp


I only write short stories, not novels. I do write poetry, and I do write some haikus(although I've lost my flashdrive for those)


Okay, enjoy if you like this sorta thing ^^


Constructive Criticism is very welcome and much appreciated. Please leave a comment about your thoughts or whatever I guess =P

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A Gift

Just a simple gift
For you
Something to give you a lift
Maybe it’ll help renew
Our relationship

Just something simple
So you won’t be mournful
I’m glad we are no longer far apart
Just know this comes from my heart

A gift
Writing this
It’s swift
The flow come from my heart and mind
And from those two combined
Comes this

Now this gift
It’s not that hard to understand
It’s like quicksand
Dragging you into a dreamland
My rhymes
They catch you as you climb
But that’s not the meaning

The meaning…
It’s just a gift
A gift to you for your special day
For the protective rift
So that I would never stray

This gift
From me to you
It’s meaning is true
All it means
Is that I love you

You’re loving son,


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For You

This is just something simple for you
For a special day
Hopefully it’ll make-do

I wanted to wish you a happy Father’s Day
Sure you’re not my dad
But that doesn’t make this not okay

I used to view you as bad
But now I see the truth
And it makes me feel sad

I treated you so wrong
So horribly, So blunt
But you were okay all along

I know this won’t make up
For all those years
But let’s just wipe away this mix-up

You’re like a father to me
You’ve taught me many things
And family you’ve introduced, the McCree’s

So for all this
I just wanted to show
My appreciation
And here it goes

Happy Father’s Day Neal
I love you



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Never asked, Never wanted
But I got it, gotta keep my sharp tongue blunted

What I have, it matters not
Because I can’t give it up, or he’ll fire that shot

Can’t get away from it
Unsure if it brings benefit

Who cares?
Why does it matter?

Why are you even reading these pairs?
Why have I been putting these rhymes on a silver platter?



Word of advice
Never get too close
Be cautionary

Just a little hurt, couldn't pull himself away
Worry not about him, he'll be fine
Direct your own path, do what you will
Just know that it hurts him to see you go away
Shows him that he was blind
Proves that he was wrong to try and heal

Feeling the fire
It's in his heart
Bearing the chill
Waiting for you to jump off that tall spire
Moving from simple fun, eating candy together like sweet tarts
To deep love, so deep, no one would dare try and steal

But now you're leaving
He just wants to say it hurts
Just to see you go, it kills
His heart begins bleeding
Bleeding like those oh so familiar cuts
But his last words are, "You don't have to bleed with me"

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I Am...

I am from the North
From the capitol of Michigan
To the town near the hangout of the Crips
And moms gritz
I am from my parents
From Italy
To Africa
And of nothing else

I am from the world
From one continent
To another
And the Oceans that surround them
I am from God
From Heaven
To Earth
And when the time comes, back again

I am from myself
From body and mind
To soul and Spirit
And to myself
I am from the Worth
From the South
To the North
And to places no one has been

I am from the Fandom
From Fur
To Feathers
And sometimes other kin
I am from time
From young
To old
And to be young, the joy of it

I am from entertainment
From Board
To Video
And sometimes even imaginary
I am from friends
From close by
To far away
And to lose them, oh the sorrow of it

I am from this poem
From topic
To Topic
And the rhythm of it
I am from this poem
From thought
To feeling
And... this is me

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Cause unknown
Viruses, radiation, chemicals, genetics
But the Symptoms are told easily
By the moans and the groans
Of those that are sick
Hopefully my soul of rhythmic
Power can bring knowledge to the readers

For those who don't know what Leukemia is
Cancer of the blood cells in the bone marrow
In acute, the rapid increase of immature crowds the marrow
Chronic is the excessive build up of abnormal mature cells
It's not that hard to understand
Yea, you can call me a bio whiz

Fevers and chills
Weight loss, joint pain and bone pain
Night sweats and flu-like symptoms Leukemia surely fulfills
Neurological symptoms, that's the brain
Those with Leukemia shall surely attain

Treatment for acute, I know the patients must dread
Consolidation therapy using ant metabolite drugs
But most typically receiving Chemo from their beds
But compared to the years put in maintenance treatments
I'm sure that Chemo results in uncaring shrugs

In chronic the decision to treat must be made
There must be indications
From these I would definitely be afraid
Falling hemoglobin count and an increase in lymphocyte production
Typical approach of treatment
Youngens may have autologous marrow transplantation or
A combination of chemotherapy and corticosteroid must be potent
But still there is no certain cure

Sadly, as of 1998
And sadly, my friend is no longer brawny
Thirty-thousand individuals will find this disease their fate
For this was the fate of number Ninety-Six: Danny

[extra credit assignment in Biology ftw?]

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Personification Poem

Causing sorrow
Creating joy
Making treaties
As well as wars
Just a few common tasks I do

My penmanship can com in many varieties
Colors come from my tip
Red, blue, black
I come in many forms
Feather, plastic, or even metal

Some say I am mightier than any sword

I create only what people tell my to
And happily, I jot down many feelings on paper

Though useful as I may be
I have brothers as well
Their styles Are different
Using staining ink
Or erasable markings
Cannot compare
To my sleek, elegant, permanent strokes and marks

Distinguished miracles can be caused at my hand
But what do you say I am?
I am nothing, but a simple pen...


Rings of Three

One tried to help, tried to show
But two won't listen, won't help themselves
Pent up in their own discord, disbanding the connection of three
One tried to help, but the rings are broken
And now they must leave.

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The bay at the moon
The sweet cries of wolfs
Many feelings expressed
In such a simple
yet powerful howl

But the certain wolf
His cry to the moon
Is the one I hear most
For I feel him

Swift changes...
Pain, Happiness, Anger
Depression, Sorrow, Childness
Swift Changes

But I say, "Willpower is the key"
"Trust me"
"It will keep the changes at bay"
"And soon, day after day"
"It will soon go away"
"Willpower I say..."

Tears have fallen from my eyes
I'm really surprised I haven't cried him a river
His self-caused pain
Hurts me as well
Why won't you stop?

Harmful Words
We have shared these
With each other

But that doesn't stop the Brotherly Love
I have for him
I love him
Like family we are to each other
But... I still must ask...
What has become of you Gelid?

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You, Me, Maybe...

We love
Like two white doves
Sure there are problems
But let’s not stay glum

We never want to be apart
And we’ve said you’ll always be in my heart
I’ve said you can have what’s left of me
But obsessed I don’t want you to be

I’ve had bad thoughts and visions I tend to bury
But why should I worry?
I wouldn’t care if we were under the sea
As long as we could still be

You’re so fun and so fair
Just promise you’ll always be there
And if something can not be won…
Let’s always go back to step one

Fate has set it’s fence
Oh well, Good Riddance
We can still have the time of our lives
Just promise not to pick up that knife

We’ve reached that limit
Anyone that gets in the way we shove
We’re in each others spirit
No one can get in the way of our love

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It is me
It is you

It is the enemy
It is the hero

It is the government
It is the people

It is the poor
It is the wealthy

It is us
It is them

It is what they make it
It is what we make it


You Are

You're that little light
That one I need at night

You're that tiny one
The one on my shoulder that helps me say, “I wonâ€Â

You're sometimes the grimace
Just that thing that makes me want to get on shrooms like Alice

You're the impulse in my brain
The one that keeps me sane

You're in my heart, the artery
The one that gives me air and makes me lively

You're the cell in my muscle
The ones that let me run and feel like an eagle

You're the puny drum in my ear
Without you ended would be my career

You're that miniature bud on my tongue
The one that food loves to be among

You're the pupil in my eye
The one that loves to look up at the sky

You're the color on my skin
The one that separates so many that are kin

You're the membranes in my nose
That may not really be romantic, but who knows?

And finally, You're just the essence in my soul
The key that fits my special keyhole

^ Corny love poem ftl =P

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Isn't something missing...
A feeling, long gone
That I don't understand any longer
Has it been replaced by a fake icon?

What happened to us?
Was it my fault
If I bleed, will you sit there and watch?
I will bleed, as I lay dying on the asphalt

Even though it was me being stupid
You won't try for me...
I can't tell if you love me... I'd die to know
Will you let our relationship crumble so easily

It's on fire

Can we save it...?
I feel all alone
Aren't you missing me?

First Sunburn

Yea, it's true, I burn like the sun
But is that going to make me lose my friends one by one

All I want is to be over this
It's true what they say, depression is a bitch

For two straight months it's been like this
But isn't it my fault, it was my wish

Stopping the things I loved
May not have been the best choice

Like staying away from my beloved
And silencing my voice

Oh well, no changing it now
I lost a friend, and now I can't keep my vow

Seasons almost over, I failed
So close, but now I just bailed

Life.... ugh

Am I forcing my hand...
To right this down?
No, not anymore
I'm going to let it all outpour...

Why is it so hard?
To stop my pain, is it because I kept my feelings jarred?
Losing friends, now that's even worse
But now I realized, I shouldn't rehearse

What's the point
Poetry is about feeling, and I just passed that checkpoint
As you can see, my flow is pure
And there's one thing I can say for sure

That it's better to rely on yourself
Than on anyone else
Especially when you're being really "bitchy"
You'll find out who your real friends are when you're always cranky

The true ones, help you out no matter what
They won't ever quit, they're like zealots
That's a good thing, hell what would anyone do without them
Oh I know! They'd probably cut themselves, like I almost did at 9:12 pm

But fuck no, that was a stupid move! Why would I do something like that?
Was it because I was beginning to feel like a doormat?
Or was it the dumb ass choices I made
The one's that turned my best friends into rock-hard jade!

Guess what, I'm beginning to feel a bit less moody
I'm really glad about that, cause I was going a little nutty
It's all because of one awesome buddy
A trans named Icey.


Get these shackles off my feet
So I can escape this thick trench of dark sleet
I just want to dance in freedom
I really don't care if I'm offbeat

Everyone's been through some deceit
But it hurts the most when that person is real discrete
It's troublesome when there is a smile to greet
But then they suddenly turn and begin to cheat

Oh yea, with these rhymes that I secrete
My depression does begin to retreat
Why the fuck did I hold back this heat
I should of let it out when I heard that first drum begin to beat.


Call me a pussy
Call me a bitch
I'm a real softie
But I'm not snitch

Sure I'm winy
Sure I can be a witch
But at least I'm not snobby
And I'm surely not gonna stay in this ditch

I know I'm not sleazy
And I know I'm not rich
Something is tearing away slowly
A friendship is something I might have to unstitch


Power of love
Essence of kindness
Touch of care
Thought of faith

A kiss
Such a simple yet powerful thing
Confusing thoughts
Why does it matter so much?

Power of friendship
Essence of hope
Touch of a brother
Thought of difference

Such a weird feeling
Confused yes?
Why does he matter so much?

Power of the mind
Essence of thought
Touch of him
Thought of him being more than a brother

Why did they taunt me so?
It was wrong to think of him that way
Now I know better.

Yea, sorry it's been so long before I ever updated this. I sorta forgot.

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