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EVENTS PROMOTERS: Format for posting events

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East Coast events promoters, in the future, please follow this general format when posting new events threads.


You can copy-paste these templates into your threads, & fill in info as needed. Thank you!




*Please note that if you do not at least follow the general structure of this format your thread may be edited.



TOPIC TITLE: Event Name // Ages **+ // MM.DD.YY


TOPIC SUBTITLE: Venue Name // City, State




[size=6][color="ORANGE"][b]Event Name[/b][/color][/size]

[img=Flyer URL - Post second flyer image directly below if more than one]

[u][b]Line Up:[/b][/u]
Line up information goes here - Please keep this to just the list of DJ's.  DJ profile info should go in miscellaneous information.

[b][u]Date / Time:[/b][/u]
Date: MM.DD.YY
Doors Open At: HH:MM PM/AM
Doors Close At: HH:MM PM/AM

[b][u]Ages / Cost:[/b][/u]
Ages: **+
Cost: $**

[b][u]Miscellaneous Information:[/b][/u]
Place any information that is NOT covered in the other sections here.

[u][b]Event Location:[/b][/u]
Venue Name
Street Address
City, State

Any websites related to the event like ticket purchase links or official sites. Please put ticket links before other links.

[u][b]Roll Call:[/b][/u]


[b]NOT GOING:[/b]

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