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Found 3 results

  1. Friday, August 29at 9:00pm Phoenix Concert Theatre 410 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, Ontario M4X 1K2 Join us for the last rave of the summer as Plurtastik and friends convert the Phoenix into 2 post-apocalyptic plur-anarchic playgrounds/dancefloors including the Danger Zone, the wasteland that 2 ravers enter but only one 1 leaves - a pillow fight to the DEATH (or hugs), and the Chernobyl Chill, the neon rainbow dancefloor in the heart of the mushroom cloud. It’s going to be completely illuminated with LEDs, UV blacklights, and lasers across the rainbow! In the DANGER ZONE, From the UK, the mighty land of hardcore - MARC SMITH [Hardcore] Notorious Originally from the UK, now hailing from the United States - LUNA-C [Freeform] Kniteforce with local support from LOCKED [Jungle] DYNAMIC [Happy Hardcore] Nocturnal Commisions DATARIDER [DnB/Hardcore] League of Hardcoredinary Gentlemen, Justice Hardcore, Plurtastik KANDIKAT [Hardcore Anthems] MushY Tea, Bad Wolf and in the CHERNOBYL CHILL, From the UK - FORCE-9 [Hard Trance] with local support from DTM [Electro/House] CYNEX [Hard Dance/Trance] Discotoast SCARTAT [breakcore/Mungle] Earth Defence Records MR MUSTACHI [Tech-house] Vibe, Hugsnotdrugs TENSHIN [J-Core/Trance/DnB] League of Hardcoredinary Gentlemen FALLOUT [Punkcore/Speedcore] Atomic Soundwave All Ages with 19+ area (to drink must be 19+ with valid ID) Tickets $30 in advance NO SERVICE FEE - Interac E-transfer, PayPal - NO SERVICE FEE - Cash in person -Peter Plurtastik, Mushy Tea $40 at the door until full Phoenix Concert Theatre 410 Sherbourne St, Toronto PLUR // ROAR // ♥ // BRINGAFRIEND
  2. What better way to celebrate Canada's birthday then with all the hardcore?!? ☼~☼ official preparty for the☼~☼ That's why we brought DJs from both coasts to sample the different styles through North America. The piano riffs of old times, electro-style new skool beat and, of course, 90's hardcore/jungle (â˜!!â˜) ..Don't forget all those anthems we scream to every time the music hits our ear on the dance floor! ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈ East VS Weat Coast Rave! ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈ Featuring: ✈ DJ Anglerfish (San Francisco - ✈ DJ Candy Kid (N.Y.C.) ✈ Falcore (Detroit) ✈ AdHd (Detroit) ✈ Scartat ✈ Saiyan ✈ DJ Ghaleon (Old Skool Jungle - Vinyl Set) ✈ Desquamation !!! ONLY $20.00 FOR TICKETS !!! Venue: El Mocambo @464 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G8 Tickets AT Play De Record <- AVAILABLE NOW: (All Ages) ONLY $20.00 (advance price) ✈ ✈ VIP PASSES available for both this event and Monday's; Sailor Moon Boat Cruise (June 30th, ...more at the door! ✈ ✈✈✈ Plurtastik and MushY Tea's proud to bring ravers PLUR ✈✈✈
  3. PRESALE TICKETS: Celebrating one glorious year of dancing feet and smiling faces we wanted to do something absolutely crazy and new for our area! Two intense high energy musical events for one low price, under one roof! Half darker more aggressive R.A.V.E, music and half maelstrom of heavy metal and hard rock all one bad-ass night! Venue is locked in, Dj line up looks to be simply CRUSHING, Il Phantazma , Ryan Benwa Those Phat Fu*Ks! Bamboo, Subreaper, Zombie, Mike Skillz And for your all your rotten pleasures Gobs The Zombie! ~ Il Phantazma ~ BWI, Emergency FM, HomeBaked Labz, ~ Industrial D&B ~ iL Phantazma began his career in the late 1980’s at the ripe old age of eleven. His first start at spinning vinyl records was usually at the local house or underground party, where Hip-Hop, Reggae, and R&B were sure to be heard coming out of the speakers and his mix tapes. His major influences at this time were DJ Shadow, DJ Juice, DJ Clue, DJ Ron G, DJ Kid Capri and DJ Red Alert. In the 90's he started dabbling with Electronic Music. (Trip Hop, Trance, and Techno) With his travels around the U.S., he began to formulate ideas of what his music would bring to the masses. In the beginning of 2000 iL Phantazma decided it was no longer acceptable to charge people to hear his music. He began doing shows on a regular voluntary basis. Events include MPDC Block Parties, Non Profit gatherings, Fashion Shows and the International Motorcycle Show in DC. Now in his 30's this DJ is hitting the scene harder than before. Bringing a flavorful mesh of old skool sounds to the new digital age of DJ'ing. With his knowledge in hip-hop and experimentations with electronic sounds you’re sure to get an earful of listening pleasure. Moving from dirty gritty sounds of Dubstep, Breaks and DnB to soulful sounds of ambient with a twist of hip-hop. His natural ability to switch from genre to genre seamlessly, set's this DJ apart from the rest. Most Recently, iL Phantazma has taken on Ownership of HomeBaked Labz and Emergency FM. HomeBaked Labz prides itself on being able to offer any venue what they seek in entertainment. With the can-do attitude that Promoters look for, you are sure to see HomeBaked Labz at a venue near YOU. Emergency FM is a 24/7 Live Drum and Bass Radio station that showcases global talent. ~ Mike Skillz ~ Morlock ~ Deathstep ~ Mike Skillz is the tsunami of the dubstep movement in New England, and the wreckage is still being calculated. He has been spinning for 15 years, and has been pushing his unique style for decades. His fantastic abilities as a selector and DJ have propelled him into events across the US and his home turf of The Northeast. The ability to dominate genres (filthy dubstep, chilled dubstep, Fidget/Bassline, Garage, HardCore, DnB) ...and rock dance-floors, electrify every crowd and keep them banging for more. His progressive controllerism and old school vinyl roots bring a special taste to every eardrum. Mike Skillz is a proud member of Dj Venoms label, Morlock Music, Audio Infantry, and 1 half of the amazing contingent “Binary Beatdownâ€. When Mike Skillz steps up to the decks, worlds are destroyed. Make sure to check out Mike Skillz on Filth.FM and Dubstep.FM live every week!! Stay tuned for details... ~ Bamboo ~ Swing Kids / Agency Sound ~ Live Evil Techno ~ ( personal note from Twrex : This fucking guy right here is a sight and sound to behold! I love watching him do his thing and you will too!) Rob Cifre aka DJ Bamboo is the founder of Agency Sounds and former promotional company Swing Kids, however, he is better known for his abilities as DJ and producer. Rob's authentic New York tech house sound infused with soulful undertones is one that began at the height of the New York rave scene in the nineties. During this time, Rob Bamboo Cifre established his name playing alongside some of the most respected names in the scene to include, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Frankie Bones and Donald Glaude to name only a few... ~ Subreaper ~ M.I.A. ~ D&B ~ Jeff 'Subreaper' has been defining his mix style since the turn of the millennium. With a solid dedication to the art form, Jeff secured slots performing at various venues along the east coast under, Marc Pastor, a name built from fragments of his name and interests. Jeff devoted himself to growing as an artist through various means and methods. Taking on production in 2002, an alliance was formed with fellow Drum & Bass performer, Andromeda. The project resulted in 9 rough tracks that would cement a strong basis for future productions. A hiatus from the electronic dance circuit in 2005 was taken to write and perform in various death metal and hardcore acts. The opportunity was perfect to continue fine-tuning Jeff's ears through recording and producing music for his projects and others. In 2010, Jeff returned to the electronic sector under the name, Subreaper, and picked up where he had left off, producing, remixing and smashing dancefloors at every opportunity. His primary weapons of choice, a blend of neuro, techstep and vocal bombs. Joining the roster in December 2011, Jeff strives to represent and build the M.I.A. reputation in the Northeast. ~ Gobs the Zombie ~ Columns of Knowledge ~ Not Trap or Moomba! ;-) DEAD AIR ELECTRO on DEAD AIR BASS on Gobby Z has been thrilling raves and clubs as a top DJ and MC for over a decade. By 2003, as Gobstoppa, he was taking bookings across North America, while also holding residencies with two of the continent’s legendary promoters, Hullabaloo! and Goodfellaz. The crown of North America’s top hardcore MC was his until he died a tragic death in 2006. Fortunately for us Gobs rose from the dead to take over the stage as Gobs The Zombie. Since then, no dancefloor has been safe from his insatiable appetite for bass, beats and brains. PERFORMANCE Gobby Z has a performance style that combines DJing, MCing, video projections, stage theatrics, and crowd interaction. It really needs to be seen to be comprehended. luckily, he has a concert DVD. It was shot in 2007 at Toronto’s Sound Academy (then known as The Docs) by people in the crowd, during the city’s largest Halloween event. LIVE BANDS ( more to come! ) Mothman Apparatus ( ) Run For Your Guns ( Extreme BEER Trio ( ) End of Eon Plus more bands TBA! .Thirsty Throwdown ( ) is helping with the band line up but we are still taking DEMOS AND / OR VIDEOS from Metal bands to fill out our roster, Going to see what it will take to have some fire performance. Vending By Photographer ( people hate my " remember it with your mind " policy so we're bringing in a pro this time ) Daniel Freshmixes ( The BWI crew is a bunch of worms, Strangecreeek tickets will be on sale! Tickets : 13 in advanced 20 at the door 16 up for entry, 21 to get hammered, everyone needs a valid ID. Start at 7 ends at 2 am Due to the mixing of cultures security will be ample and serious, I have no problem dragging someone out myself if needed. ~ No fighting ~No moshing in a manor that would lead people to believe you are a D-Bag ~No illegal substances or outside alcohol ~ Respect the ladies!