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Found 6 results

  1. I rambled this out while waiting on a train. It started asking questions about wrap combos, but then ended up questioning overall glowstringing style I think. "What are you trying to achieve with your wrap combos? What is your goal? Are you trying to make a combo that is as technically difficult as possible? One that is visually pleasing? One that is perplexing? One that just feels good to pull off? One that is technically simple yet elegant enough to gain appreciation from all? Do you like high speed? Slow? Consistent speed? Matching moves with the beat of the music? Every wrap, trace, and swing? Or only select moves? Or do you just match the song whenever you can without going out of your way? Do you string to the beat or only match the music during special parts of the song? Do you string more with music, or without? Who is your intended audience? The public? other glowstringers? Poi spinners? Artists of some sort? Just yourself? No one? When do you think out your combos or routines in advance? For performances? Videos? All the time? Or do you just make up your combos on the spot? Are you just free styling completely? Or are you stitching a lot of mini-combos you've created in the past? Did you create them on accident? Or was it thought out?"
  2. Hello all! We recently got together to make a video in the Northern California Region. Please check it out! =)
  3. Glowsticks & Shots

    Just a little something since I haven't made a video in so long due to being LOCKED UP! Done with that though.
  4. Ok so ive been stringing for 7-8 months i know not very long but im trying yo learn the 4 beat wallplane weave then i tried to find another move on sparrows move list and noticed i couldnt find it either (youtube) so i put in some video request a few weeks ago and no reply or video ive also been in tinychat hoping someone pops up and maybe they could help me but that hasnt happened either. i hope that there could be more videos for those moves without one but if there are then please show me the way lol any help would be great. i have some mistypes sorry lol
  5. What originally began as a 10-year stringing anniversary video, became seven individual sessions (figured it would be easier to watch that way) The seven video titles represent the seven chakras & corresponding colors (as well as my opinions on members of the Justice League) but Don't think of these videos as anything more than me having a good time and celebrating =3 The Seven Banes title began as a joke title for the first session (especially since I was wearing a batman shirt) and in some strange twist of irony, my strings broke at the end of the seventh session (thusly proving, that bane breaks everyone) So because of that, the "seven banes" took over as the overall title of the project =P *I'll come back and post the individual videos (seven total) but for now, work with the playlist =P*
  6. Finally joined this community after coming on here everyday. I'm pretty new to glowstringing. My roommate introduced it to me at the beginning of the semester, and I knew immediately that this is what I've been looking for. I've tried yoyo-ing, poi, contact juggling, but none of it really caught my attention like glowstringing did. I would typically try out yoyo-ing or contact juggling for about a week to two weeks, then I'd get bored and move on. But with glowstringing, I've been practicing ever since the beginning of late August. I really want to get good at it. I have most of the basics: 3 and 5 beat weaves (trying to get reverse 5 beat though), spirals (working on variations), butterflies and butterfly wraps, the bread-and-butter wrap, corkscrews, buzzsaws, windmills, orbitals (sort of), and double bicep wraps (working on split time for it though). But I feel as though I have a long ways to go. I've barely even tried moving off one plane to do other wraps. Wraps in general I want to get really good at, but don't know how to. Same with flowers. Transitioning between some moves like buzzsaws and corkscrews would be useful to. Overall, there's a lot I want to improve on. I hope that this community will help encourage me and help me with new movesets. I really want this to be a lifelong hobby for me.