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Found 2 results

  1. Bassrush – March 7th, 2015 Hollywood Palladium (Los Angeles, CA) Last Saturday we came together at the Hollywood Palladium for Insomniac's Bassrush Massive. I had brought 2 newbies (to raves) there this night and they loved it due to (of course)the music and the vibes. But it wasn't all smooth sailing... Venue 5/10: Despite the great time I had at this event, Los Angeles is still all about taking advantage of party-goers to make a profit regardless of public health and safety. My first and biggest complaint was water, or I should say lack-there-of. Outside containers (such as hydration packs and Insomniac water bottles) were not allowed and water was sold at $6 a bottle (with vendors taking the caps). This made keeping the extremely precious liquid hard to keep in the bottle while navigating through the bustling crowd. There were no water fountains anywhere within public access; so if you didn’t buy water, then you had no water. My second complaint would be the staff. I can only assume they were hired the day prior and told to make people miserable. There is a clearly stated prohibited items list and I was forced to throw out my glowsticks. I was already medicated, so I didn’t want to cause a ruckus over it, but glowsticks are allowed at the Palladium (at least on paper and previous experiences). I’ll also add that he saw my LED sticks (which aren’t allowed) and allowed me to pass with those in possession. That’s not a big complaint, because I’m happy I kept those; but I’ve been throwing away a lot of sticks in LA lately… I still gave the Palladium 5/10 because it is a beautiful venue and getting in was pretty quick. Music 8/10: Snails must always be heard live. It is a much different experience than going to his SoundCloud on your lo-fi speakers. The block from 11pm-2am/3am(Event happened to occur during Daylight Savings Time) was a great time. The sets were exciting, energetic, and kept the crowd screaming for more. Snails, Bro Safari and Zomboy all played just the right amount of Drum and Bass, Trap, Dubstep and Moombahton. I took off (1) point for TC, whom was hit and miss on his set. And an additional point because the opening djs were even more amiss. They stuck to Drum and Bass for a majority of their sets and at points had the entire crowd standing still. I give the music 8/10 because Bro Safari, Zomboy and Snails “saved a lot of livesâ€. Stage & Sound 9/10: Within the past year I’ve been noticing Insomniac’s level of visualizations go way up at every venue I’ve been to. The Palladium was no exception. The lasers alone were so intense that they would trip out anyone, whether under the influence or not. The visuals were just ineffable. I wouldn’t consider this a personal complaint, but on account of now hearing that one of my friend’s ears had actually bled, then I’d say it was a tad too loud. I was rocking some Earasers (Hi-Fidelity Ear Plugs) that cut down about 19dB and the volume was perfect, I heard everything crystal clear (with earplugs, the higher frequencies are the first to be sacrificed). This had me thinking several times “It must be sooooo loud!†We even moved once because another friend’s ears couldn’t take it. I can only assume that my decibel meter averaged 96dB just breaking the threshold of pain (when ears actually start taking damage) and peaked at 101dB was so that you could feel everything, and you could . I didn't get a shot of those final stats. The only dB pic I got was before Bro Safari came on, and after that "ain't nobawdy" had time for pics! I’ll give the stage 9/10 on behalf of my friends ears. Next time bring some plugs. Vibe 9/10: The vibe is coming back to parties in California, guys! It’s almost exactly how I remember in the early 2000s when strangers made a personal goal to make sure everyone around them was having a great time. Whether someone appeared to be having a bad time, stopping potential physical altercations and stopping bros from moshing (done in a respectable manner). Up until this event, I was certain the bros had left the scene and headed back to their frats to prey on the drunk. They are definitely dying out, but the bass genres seem to be home for the dying breed. They were scarce, but present. I give the vibe a 9/10 because there was no real threat to the vibe and the organism that is the crowd was very active in keeping the vibe alive!
  2. Line Up: Bro Safari Zomboy Snails TC Information: Doors Open At: 09:00 PM Doors Close At: 02:00 AM(?) Glowsticks allowed Gloves not allowed Even Location: Hollywood Palladium 6215 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90028 Websites: Bassrush: Tickets: Facebook: Roll Call: GOING: -Jaimison + Friends(not the 10 seasons on Netflix) MAYBE: NOT GOING: