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  1. I actually live in Gibsonton now (about 15 minutes from Ybor)
  2. Nice. I want so bad for GS.C to come back to life. This community has been around for over a decade and within that time a lot of things change for people. It's just hard to find the time these days for a lot of us, but I like to think a lot of GS.C's members still love glowstick and do so when they have the chance. I know I do. With that said, this was a pretty cool video. Having seen some of your other stuff and checking the date and time of this video, I'm gonna guess you had a few drinks before you made this. Happy new years, man.
  3. Name: Jordan K. Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Bradenton, Florida Interests: Typical things everyone is interested in. Obviously glowsticking, hence the reason everyone comes to GSC =) Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Family Guy. I don't watch that much TV anymore. Musical Interest: Punk, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Trance. Goal in the next 5 years: To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of being asked this question. Goal in the next 20 years: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. What turns you on about the opposite sex: Color of her eyes. If i had a million dollars I would: Have a million dollars. I am good at: Answering questions. School (if applicable): None right now. No money = No school. Work (if applicable): Albertsons for the time being. About to move out of state to work a full-time job. I am on glowsticking.com because: I've been browsing the forums and taking in information since my Sophmore year of high school. I think it's about time I become part of the community. My website/picutures are located: Wait, woah. What? Describe yourself: I don't think I could describe myself without being totally full of it. You be the judge. What do you do for fun? Anything that seems like a good idea at the time. Glowsticking if fun. So are video games. Random fact about yourself: I like supernatural stuff. What you did last weekend: Celebrated a friend's 19th birthday by rockin' out for a full 24 hours. What you do when you go out: It really depends on the mood everyone's in or who I'm going out with. Are you in a relationship? No. Are you looking to be in a relationship? More or less.