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  1. I can't post the flyer because of my phone being stupid, but Gammer will be in Denver on August 10th! 10$ tickets for a Hardcore legend, hope to see some of you there!
  2. Next Colorado Meetup

    Colorado threads should be reborn, anyone up for a meet in the future since Skylab isn't happening this year?
  3. 2018 re-re mix

    I also would love to see Gsc get a reboot and going again, in whatever way I could help
  4. Next Colorado Meetup

    On the off chance anyone lurks anymore - Who's going to GDF this year?
  5. Next Colorado Meetup

    So.... Global?
  6. Next Colorado Meetup

    ...Hallow'freakn'ween anyone?
  7. Don't worry GSC

  8. Phoenixxx is Visiting again!

    So for those that dont know, Phoenixxx will be out here on Saturday the 26th for our wedding. He has voiced interest in a gathering if at all possible. Possibly Sunday or Monday night if anyone is up for it?
  9. Where are all the old school peeps at?

    Jobs, school, life.. it all gets in the way. Seems like there are a lot of Old School lurkers though. And like Jenny said, the group here still exists even if not on the forums.
  10. Skylab XX Line Up: Unreleased Event Location: Unreleased Websites: Roll Call: GOING: ~Squirrel & Colby MAYBE: NOT GOING: I know there's next to no info out for Skylab yet, but figured I'd throw the post up anyway. I'm sure a few of you will come out of hiding for the 20th anniversary
  11. It's been a while...

    To OutOfControl, is this something you are still interested in visiting?
  12. Appriciate Something?, what do you appriciate today?

    Today I realize the appretiation for my cats, despite them being spastic and costly they have given me many more smiles and comfort when nothing /nobody else could
  13. How many days in a row can you post?

    Here's a start..
  14. GSC Revival Collab

    Did you decide to do an extension?
  15. Next Colorado Meetup

    Decadence meet up?