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  1. Does anyone out there know where I could find the old gsC archives? I'm trying to retrieve some old footage, and i'm pretty sure I can locate it there.
  2. My daughter was digging through an old box of my junk a few weeks ago, and came across an old pair of my practice sticks. Its been nearly a decade since I've used them, and several years, since I'd even freehanded period. Ahhhh, I miss the feel of the glow of a fresh pair of cyalumes in my palms. I was reluctant at first, but I came around and explained to her what they were. Now she's taking a liking to them. She wants to learn "The Old Craft", haha. Ordered a fresh set of sticks, hopefully I'll be back on and around, posting videos. I miss this place. And If my daughter can find the same happiness that I did, then so be it.
  3. i appreciate military leave.
  4. its funny. i battled back in the day...(i wish i could locate the gsC archives...i vaguely remember posting about it several years ago). i used to catch hell for it on the site. people who battle aren't any less relevant because of what they choose to do with their skills. its all about their mentaility on the matter. if they are really trying to make you earn some kind of lesson, or dump on you because you are still trying to polish your own personal technique, eff that. my friends and i battled all of the time. we did it for fun. we loved to challenge one another. we loved sharing our combos with one another. and at gatherings, we always put on a show! its all about where your head's at while you're doing it. if you're really trying to make someone feel as if they are inferior to you because you can make it do what it're dead wrong. i see that it is more of a problem now than it ever has been before. the issue is that we older heads failed to explain the tie that binds us all: PLUR. we focused less on the actual culture, and more on what we had to do to make our culture somehow more politically correct and acceptable to the general public. we older heads forgot to tell this generation why it was so important to remember Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. this site used to be booming! it was a major hub! everybody who was anybody had an account here, and anywhere you wanted to go, gsC had already mapped it out and all you had to do was ask (and not even that, sometimes!). all sorts of people made an appearance here, just to make their contribution to what was once the most promising revivals of a culture that (in this country) had died somewhere between Michael Alig getting locked up and the fall of the casette mix tape (meh early 00's). now it seems that the lot of you kind of drift in and out of this place, gsC, reminisce about the good ol' days, and simply leave the rest to the new gen's. i had a lot more to say about it, but my point is this: lets stop mourning this place. lets not bury the culture. we grew up and all, and that's great, but there is still a lot that we have to offer. we should be using our experience (as we've already dealt with the laws that hinder our growth, the publics view of this culture, and cliquey power grabs) to show the new heads how things are done!
  5. Not sure if anyone has noticed, but Mississippi has a lot of nothing going on. I'm not a genius, but I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in making the attempt to coordinate an EDM event in the country this summer? So much land, so much space....and all of it is goes unused?! Absurd! Is anyone else out there feeling ambitious?
  6. As it's been said already, I spent all of highschool on gsC. So many great memories. Man, I remember the days I spent as a promoter...I turned my bedroom into a printing press, and I was cranking merch out of my parents garage on a regular basis. Now, between the years of wandering and military service, I've managed to at least keep a hold of a decent playlist. I see a lot of new members have joined since dave scrapped the old site and set this one up. I've seen a lot of awesome videos being posted. This generation is bringing a lot to the Underground and it's a breath of fresh air to know that that same enthusiasm we had lives on through them. Cheers.
  7. So this video was shot at around the same time I was super active on the earlier gs.C site. I stopped practicing for a long time, but I'm starting to pick it back up as a small hobby, I guess you could say. Anyhow, for your viewing pleasure, my "pre-rave" warm up...
  8. Wow, its been a long time since I've posted here. Its great to see things are still just as busy as ever. Anyhow. Halloween lands on a Saturday this year. Traditionally, me and my friends usually put together a pretty decent party, but this year, we want to do something a little special. We are making an effort to make this Halloween count for more than a bonk-ass masquerade party. We've began planning out some of the basic things, but we've come across a snag. We can't seem to find a place to set up. Most importantly, we could definitely use some fresh ideas. We have the drive to make it happen. We want to make this happen. But finding a venue has been a little more than a challenge these days. And like I said, if this is going to be amazing, we're gonna have to do something a little better than a costume party...Any ideas?
  9. As of late, I've really lost that ambitious streak that really kept me going. I'm a music and club promoter without the client. I got my start here on gsC a long long time ago, so I figured I'd bring this up here. My team lost their drive recently when we experienced a death amongst us and I just couldn't pull things together for them. That, on top of a two year streak of dry zone and its the perfect recipe for disaster. And in more ways than one, this whole venture has been a disaster. Honestly, I have a great idea and at one point the people to back me, but now my visions of this fantastic "jack of all trades" production company has fallen to the way side. To add a little more "aw" factor to this tale, my fiance and I are having a little trouble patching things up after she dropped a heart breaking bomb shell. Be that as it may, I am doing my best to maintain a positive attitude throughout the whole thing and perhaps one day things will start looking up. Okay. Now that that's off my chest....I encourage you all to stay driven and motivated, as I do the same each day. I thought about it the other, actually successful at what I do? April Fools!!! Well, maybe not so much.
  10. Okay, question. As far as lodging pro tempore, are there any spots that any of you all would recommend in the general vicinity? I am trying to land a decent spot for the three person travel team I have coming with me to NYC. Anyhow. I've looked at a lot of the hotels in the area, but we have no idea what to expect as far as the area goes. I'm just trying to make sure I'm not landing ourselves in a dangerous spot. Any info is much grata!!!
  11. thats not too bad! aight. i'll be there!
  12. BAXTER, va beach! hots on tha EC!
  13. hey, is there an exact address? it'd be mad easy for me just to google maps this thing. haha. with that being said, expect to see me there!
  14. okay. things have been set in stone. whomever chooses to tag along with us is more than welcome to, in fact, i encourage it. right now, there are only two or three of us heading up. we'll be up there on the 7th and home by the 14th. hope to see some of you soon!
  15. hopefully, we can get some of the old va beach crew back together and shoot another vid. it'd be great. last time we posted it up, we got a pretty good response. i'm surprised you remembered that thing! haha!