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  1. nah i didn't get to yet, i heard monster was alot of fun tho from friends, and i heard it was really packed too. How come you can't go to together as one?

  2. yea that was me, lol i saw visith earlier in line and talked to phillip on the phone before too.

  3. hey what's up!! i was the one asking who you were, and then mentioned your sig and your fro, cause you were wearing a hat.

  4. hey you wouldn't happen to have been the one to give me 2 ultras? big asian guy wearing a black hustler tshirt during the ultra circle?

  5. woww crazy, super small world! haha i used to live up in seattle and go hit up parties there.

  6. hey just wondering, were the seattle heads you came down with include, visith, sara and phillip?

  7. hey it was awesome finally meeting you and your brother jellybeanx. i don't know why you were so timid in going into the circle you and your bro were really good.

  8. so you're going to let's bounce for sure? what's your number again?

  9. yea for sure! are you coming with blusilence? i met him only once at this rave in downtown LA.