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  1. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Nicole M. (people call me Nicki) Location: Milwaukee WI (During the summer I can get rides down to Chicago) Style: Glowstringing!!!
  2. Name: Nicole Age: 15 (turning 16 on the 30th of January ) Gender: Female Location: Milwaukee WI Interests: Dancing, Drumming, and Snowboarding Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Book - Bible ; Magazine - none ; TV show - anything on Comedy Central Musical Interest: Trance, House, Punk, and Rock Goal in the next 5 years: Go to college Goal in the next 20 years: Finish college? What turns you on about the opposite sex: style If i had a million dollars I would: Build an under aged rave club I am good at: Comforting people when they are stressed and pranking others School (if applicable): High School Work (if applicable): None I am on glowsticking.com because: Interested in glowstringing My website/picutures are located: deleted myspace sry Describe yourself: Patient, Kind, and Determind What do you do for fun?: Hang or talk with friends Random fact about yourself: I swallowed a goldfish once What you did last weekend: I cant remember What you do when you go out: Usually shop Are you in a relationship?: Nope Are you looking to be in a relationship?: Yes