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  1. started working with polyrhythmic patterns. after getting the initial spinning-at-sides in 2:1 I got some weave-related patterns down pretty quickly.
  2. i've been doing alot of isolations lately. trying to build up into fully isolated weaves and then start on hybrids, but I'm still a ways off from doing either of those cleanly. right now I'm still working on variations of buzzsaws (incorporating a few outside spins, etc) also working on some poi patterns that I've thought up while it's been raining for the last 2 weeks and haven't been able to get outside.
  3. oh, ok. so a waistwrap seems to be basically a btb wallplane weave?
  4. what the heck? I always thought of waistwraps were a type of crosser...
  5. hmm.. actually yea I can see that. so I guess that becomes an over-the-head SJ? wow
  6. I'm not really sure what the sj fountain is, but assuming it doesn't include the windmill part? is it basically fwds -> low transition -> rev -> high transition, etc? oh, and on the fullybody crossers, just remember, the btb arm is doing the same thing as it would be for a wallplane btb weave.
  7. I'm working on smoothing out my anti-spin weaves right now and it seems to me that straight planes are vital to keep the strings from wrapping together. short(er) strings can also help if you're having lots of problems hitting your forearms or the other strings. overall I think antispin weaves just require you to sit there are do several thousand cycles of the pattern to get everything straightened out. oh yes, and I guess I should say what I've been up to... well I've been doing mainly poi lately (with socks, plus I got a set of fire poi for christmas). lately I've been working on antispins and transitions into giants, and transitions between reels and crossers and front/btb weaves, etc,
  8. Word Association

    coca-cola (as a fun fact, "ok" is the most widely recognized word in the world, followed by "coke")