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  4. Name: Patricia but my friends call me Earring Age: 16...17 Feb 28th Gender: Female Location: Orlando Florida Interests: Music, Hanging with friends, photography, and football Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: The TV show im really into right now is 6 Degrees Musical Interest: I listen to just about anything I can get my hands on Goal in the next 5 years: Make to college, graduate, have a job I enjoy, hopefully a job as a photographer or directing Goal in the next 20 years:....not sure....still be alive I suppose...have 2 kids What turns you on about the opposite sex: Personality before anything else, then if they have long hair... If i had a million dollars I would: Donate most of it away I am good at: Directing, Photography School (if applicable): High School Junior Work (if applicable): I am on glowsticking.com because: Since I was a kid I was always interested in the idea of raves, I love dance music and decided finally look into what raves were and came across the idea of glowsticking and when I googled it, it gave me this website, so..here I am... My website/picutures are located: Haven't got one..should though... Describe yourself: I am quite intelligent at times...I tend to be very playful and like to joke around. I sometimes have issues adapting to new people, but I try my best not to be judgemental. I like learning new things and I can be very persistant and determined, or extremely lazy and not care, just depends sometimes. What do you do for fun? Play DDR, Dungeons and Dragons, Talk/Hang with friends, Daydream (personally my favorite thing to do), and now im learning how to play Warhammer 40k...so yeah... Random fact about yourself: I know 3 languages... What you did last weekend: Play DDR, and take my online classes What yo do when you go out: I usually just go to the town center with friends and wreck havac... Are you in a relationship? Noppers Are you looking to be in a relationship? Well, at the moment not really, but if a nice guy comes along, I wouldn't see why not.