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  1. Skylab XX // 16+ // September 20, 2014

    Matt and I will for sure be going!
  2. Where are all the old school peeps at?

    That is awesome Photon! We I'll definitely have to hang out once you move here. FYI anything East of I-25 is usually much cheaper then anything West.
  3. Phoenixxx is Visiting again!

    We would love to hang out! We are free Sunday night after we try the new Avery beer.
  4. Where are all the old school peeps at?

    GSC is still strong here in Colorado, even if we don't have an official rep anymore.... I hang out with members every Friday and we are still teaching the culture. If anyone ever comes to Colorado hit me up.
  5. GSC is not dead

    It is not dead, I know in Colorado we prefer meeting face to face instead of talking online.
  6. Global Dance Festival Meetup // 7.?.14

    I would love to do our traditional Saturday tailgate at Red Rocks. Confluence is pretty bare after several groups got mugged there. I feel it is too dangerous at night.
  7. I'm going to Colorado!

    I wish you were going to be in Denver on Friday the 9th. Kaskade is djing a 5k that night and you could join us at The Church for dancing and glowsticking. If my family finishes up early on Sunday we could try and hang out. Hit with up with a text when you are in town.
  8. Next Colorado Meetup

    We would be up for that.
  9. Next Colorado Meetup

    Sorry we didn't go. We are thinking about decadence.
  10. Next Colorado Meetup

    Sounds like fun...when? Skylab?
  11. Next Colorado Meetup

    We will for sure be there!!
  12. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    I'm still here and so is a lot of the Colorado group. I see a majority of them on a weekly basis, or at least talk to them. We are all still glowsticking, but as it has been pointed out we are waiting for the forum to settle down before posting again. Glowspazz's Groupees: (hehe they would be so made if they actually saw this) Sticks DDRM Skittles JB Buzz Cammy Refuel Squirrel Kenny Hans Jay Chewy Pringle and so many more but I can't think of them at this second....
  13. Daniel, you remembered most of my name :-) We are probably going to be planning a meetup in January before Glo. I'll post information in the Colorado thread when I have more information. I'm glad my husband and I could motivate you to join the site and we would love to hang out again.
  14. Next Colorado Meetup

    I like the idea of meeting before frostbite.