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  1. British Columbia? Post here!

    Jordan, how are you getting there? o_o!
  2. British Columbia? Post here!

    Alright, I'm leaving tomorrow, so I won't be able to come. I really hope people end up going down, and that you guys get some footage! And that we're able to keep it this time. Happy glowsticking
  3. British Columbia? Post here!

    Damn, apparently I'm going to edmonton this weekend. I don't know if I'll be able to make that.
  4. British Columbia? Post here!

    those would definitely be fun to go to, but for a meetup I think it would be better to go somewhere with just us... parks are nice!
  5. British Columbia? Post here!

    Would anybody be interested in having a meetup at fireworks?
  6. British Columbia? Post here!

    Apparently my cousin just saw some people who were glowstringing at Garry Point! :0 I wonder who that was?
  7. British Columbia? Post here!

    Yeah, versace, I dunno, I kind of like the feeling the smaller more underground ones give off (as underground as they can get, here) than the massives. And I'd really like to have a meetup soon but I'm not sure if the end of june will be good for me, I might be off to go to EDC or I might go see Nick Woolsey at his poi retreat on salt spring.. island... or whatever it is... blah. Although, that could be a really cool idea, if we all went and met up with him. I messaged him a couple months ago about having his class here in vancouver again and he said something like 'spinners and glowstringers, at last, peace between our great nations!' or something like that Eric, whenever I see a rave that I want to go to, or think that other people would like to go to, I post up the event info here (usually robbed from facebook) but I don't tend to expose the massives like fusion, or dooms night, twisted christmas, etc. There used to be a facebook group called and it posted information on the next rave that would come up, but it's no longer being maintained :\
  8. British Columbia? Post here!

    I think the vid was lost to the internets/vigilantly cleaning mothers. I'll start a discussion thread for our next meetup. I have a couple of places in mind. Just give me a bit
  9. British Columbia? Post here!

    Added you on facebook! As for the hat thing, there isn't really anything I can say other than practice not hitting your hat
  10. hey mr. kessi!! not too much here just busy playing with my 15 inch glowsticks and havin a blast helping put together footage from candyball!!! how have you been? good i hope

  11. British Columbia? Post here!

    Heh, *not going to school*. I'm up for a meetup sometime soon. Also, James (jaimison) might end up being stationed in washington, and he said it would be cool to come up here for a rave or meetup sometime. I think that'd be dope. I wished some of you could have come to that thompson thing though u_u
  12. hey bruce, whats up?

  13. naaaaaaaaaaaaaatelieeeeeeee

  14. Word Association

    kenny (duck billed platypus)