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  1. hey mr. kessi!! not too much here just busy playing with my 15 inch glowsticks and havin a blast helping put together footage from candyball!!! how have you been? good i hope

  2. hey bruce, whats up?

  3. naaaaaaaaaaaaaatelieeeeeeee

  4. Word Association

    kenny (duck billed platypus)
  5. Word Association

  6. Word Association

    UR MOM
  7. Word Association

    rich babies
  8. Word Association

  9. I miss how in one of the sandbox threads - was it word association? - where we would post pictures or image macros in our posts.

    want to do moar of that kplz :(

  10. Lyke omg cat cn i eat? Cat 'OMG!'

  11. kess! i haven't seen you on gsc in like foreever. lol.

  12. miss talkin to ya man! how is fruity loops goin for ya?

  13. Im in ur profile adding 2 ur commentz