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  1. You can never retire. Chenergie=infinite energy.

  2. Haha, funny, we'll see. :D

  3. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Eh, I'll think about it.
  4. Oh juust very busy. I had summer school and all. You still owe me a proper video =].

  5. YES. Where've you been?!

  6. xD Miss me eh? =P.

  7. Hoooooolyyyyy Kevin. Been busy much?

  8. chenergie is awesome

  9. sup asian, you kids should throw a meetup and get some footages of it for a meetup vid ;)

  10. Nice asian beach picture i see the yellow guy~!

  11. No where lol..

    I'm in the April collab though :]

    And soon..once I learn more and get better

  12. Where's your video's?

  13. beast stringer ..

  14. YOU.

    Haven't been on for sooo long. :/

  15. My Video Might Be This Week Since Its Springbreak In Canada =].