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  1. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    I went to Get Lucky over the weekend and saw a few new faces. If you see this, feel free to message me. I was the guy using blue and white handles and jamming out as hard as he could to Gammer.
  2. GSC Revival Collab

    That's called handles 8-} I'll see if I still have some ultras sitting in my closet. I think I might be able to throw something together.
  3. Glowstickers Where Are You!

  4. Word Association

    Ravioli (they were next to the canned meat in my pantry while growing up)
  5. How old is too old?

    I think that there is such a difference between glowsticking and partying that I can have two answers. Partying and going to raves - I think that there is an age limit to that one. It's a higher age limit that typically kids or grandkids, but my general rule of thumb is if you're partying with your teenage kid or grandkid, then you might want to re-think if you're age apropriate for that party. If you're the oldest person at a party by over twenty years (you're 44 and the second oldest person at the party is 24), you need to rethink if you should be there because you've turned into that creepy old guy at that point. Glowsticking - never too old. I consider glowsticking like a hobby/dance/whatever that falls into the category like juggling. You're never too old to do it. Plus, there's all those great benifits of spinning like being good for your flexibility, joints, and a bunch of other things; so keep it up.
  6. Word Association

  7. If we have to narrow it down to 5, and the people that influenced me the most while I was learning. 1- KaelGotRice (the guy brought me to gs.c and we learned a bunch together, impossible not to mention him) 2- Myron 3- Wes 4- BlueCat (I can't even being to tell you how many times I've watched the first two spinach sessions) 5- CynicDave (or some other freehander like Paul)
  8. Word Association

  9. Bad Karaoke a while ago sent me on a trip through the gs.c files to hunt down something that was along these lines, so I'll gladly post what I found for him. My answer is floating on the final link's page. And Suzume, your list of inspirational people has consistantly changed in each post
  10. My Golden Days of GS.c

    It's at this point that you join the old jaded family. Don't worry, it's all muscle memory, you'll remember it a lot faster, and the good news is that you loose a lot of unnecissary movements and your style gets a lot smoother because your body isn't able to do spazy things any more.
  11. My Golden Days of GS.c

    I don't have a pic of the PLUR bat, but Kael has been busy doing a bunch of other things. He was even a monk for a while at a budhist temple. If I was a normal person I would facebook stalk him and tell you how he's doing, but I haven't been on FB for a few months so I don't know what he's doing right now. Just got bored and googled PLUR bat, and sure enough you can find a picture of Kael and his PLUR bat off of google image search. As for LinZ (MissE) I don't know what she's up to, I've lost contact with her. RG is still doing her thing. It's a web series called "Game Meets Girl" and she puts out fairly frequent updates about what she's doing on that.
  12. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Joker! Wow, that's a name that I haven't seen in a long time. Nice to see you still around.
  13. I usually film two glowsticks worth of footage. The first glowstick of film is to make sure lighting isn't too screwy, to get the gitters out, and also to try to get down the core of what I want to put out there. The second one is usually the balsy do whatever I want, I already have my first footage down, let's try this move that only works 20% of the time take. Most of the time all of my footage when I get to editing comes from the second glowsticks worth of footage. Any video I do there are specific things that I have planned but after those things the rest are whatever I feel like doing right then. As for what color, it's whatever I have in my box of glowsticks, as long as it shows up on film (no red glowsticks because they suck when you try to film it). As for when I'm actually spinning I usually have music on (usually a playlist of songs that I'm thinking about using for the film, many times the song that I'm spinning to is not the same song that is on the video). I take all of that footage to windows movie maker and start making edits on good ol' Windows Movie Maker that comes default with every Windows OS. First edits- any time that I screw up, drop sticks, hit myself, or just stand around. I cut all of them out. Second edits- anything that is repetitive. That sixty second blip of trying to get that one move down, I cut down to the last time that I get it and edit out everything else out. Third edits- ordering the slivers of film that I still have into an order. The crack has to go first, but after that I can move things around in the spin. Typically I put the longer cuts in the opening of the video and shorter transitions in the end. Fourth edits- during edits 1-3 I'm listening to music that I think I can put in the video, at fourth edit I try to put things together with the music. Sometimes you think you have it all put together and then you put music on it and you have to shuffle everything around all over again. Nap time- I either take a nap, go eat dinner, or do something else during this time. Typically at this point you've looked at the video so much that your brain is going to explode so you need to do something else to look away from it. Fifth edits- When you come back and watch the film from beggining to end I wait to see any part that I get bored by and want to fast forward past. If I can't watch it, there's no way that I'm going to get anyone else to watch it. After those cuts I show it to a friend. Any time that I find myself nervous about a segment or thinking that I should fastforward to show another part of it, I cut the boring part. Upload and share.
  14. . . . you're hunting through the stringing section of gs.c and can remember certain threads just by the title. EPIC BUMP! Sorry guys, I'm diging through the forums for a specific thread and found a few that I like so I'm bumping them to page 1.
  15. Shin shotted myself yesterday and thought about this thread. It might be old, but I'm bumping it.