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  1. Fresno huh....im glad theres still ravers there. i lived there back in 2001 and partied there when picasso, reggie, jordan were throwing parties. do they still have those ghetto raves at the fresno fair grounds lol with all the rebel kids. man i miss the fresno scene.


    I dont really go to very many parties. They have been having a lot of them at +21 clubs lately but I havent gone to any of them yet. Most of the ones they have are at these small venues and maybe 20-30 people show up :lol: its still kinda cool though i guess. Soundboy goes to way more of them then I do.

  2. YOu can leave the rectal probe at home :lol:

    I have some scrubs so i can pretend to be the doctor... if anybody gets hurt that is :)

    and ray's dog is scary looking. I guess it wanted my attention so it kept jumping on me..



    Oh, and we need to also plan for a BBQ if that is what we are going to do.. Like some kind of list of what people plan on bringing.


  3. Seriously,my backyard is big enough


    I even have a pool lol


    but I cant swim :( oh wait, yes i can :lol:



    My best penguin imitation from last winter.. Im such a dork :)



    We should make your pit bull a glowing dog collar..


    Oh, and Ive offered to attach a shipment of ultras to myself and cannon ball into his pool off of the roof. It being the 29th of December I could possibly die but Im sure the footage will be worth it..

  4. nice vid bueno! ive always known you to put more body into your stringing ;) nice combos and i esp. like what you did around the 1:25 mark and at 1:47 thereafter.. keep it up !


    yeah, I'm good with the body movement.. if you need help with that kind of thing then I could show you some stuff at the meetup ;)