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  1. hey i would like to talk to you on aim if thats cool add me up xbadkara0kex

  2. Oh. You should talk with Cody. He goes to a lot of parties. Or start a thread. Other people might be going too.

  3. Yeah that sucks. Cali is still gonna be a regular visit for me though. I'm gonna be at Kellys Mission Rock on Jan 15th on Red with my new glove set =D

  4. Too bad you didnt find out about us earlier. We have a cool group of people in Nor Cal :)

  5. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

  6. I forgot that I got a light show from you at lovefest.. lol

    It was pretty good :)

  7. thank you thank you thank you

    i need it by october 17th. please get it to me. i despritely need footage...not to sound pathetic or anything >.>

    and it still syas your inbox is full

  8. umm I think I fixed my mailbox. Ill come up with something I guess. When do you need it by again?

  9. dude. i had a huge well thought out pm but your inbox is full so i have to make a shorter one here. submit to the hybrid collab. your not too lazy and you have a good hybrid style. and i like the way that it has developed. please send a clip

  10. i Know.. thats why I couldnt eat them all :(

  11. That's a lot of blueberries, man.

  12. Yeah, It was taken at a local diner place. It was at like 2 in the morning and It was soo much I couldnt eat it all.. but I was really happy so I made it into a smiley face :)

    lol... Now I use it as my online pic.

  13. Blueberry pancake smiley face?