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  1. Name: Gillie the Kid or Gilbert Age: 27 Gender: male Location: Las Vegas Interests: Filming, Graffiti, and Music Production Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: family guy, boondocks, and spin mag Musical Interest: uk hardcore, trance, electro, DnB, DubStep, hip hop, and anything else music Goal in the next 5 years: throwing the biggest and best party ever ... Goal in the next 20 years: get married, have kids, and travel the world What turns you on about the opposite sex: personality, and achievments If i had a million dollars I would: go to every massive rave there is, and invest in some stocks I am good at: alot of things School (if applicable): graduated Work (if applicable): Self Employed I am on glowsticking.com because: i love the site, met a few members at edc 2010, and i wanna learn a few things from yall My website/picutures are located: stolenkits.com (a work in progress) Describe yourself: im a nice guy trying to make a mark or at least a dent in this cruel world What do you do for fun? party Random fact about yourself: ummmm... yeah What you did last weekend: made a few fliers What yo do when you go out: have fun Are you in a relationship? not at the moment Are you looking to be in a relationship? yes i am...