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  1. I am writing this many years later after so much has happened on a site that I have no clue if anyone will ever read.... Glowsticking.com was the number one website for the art of glowsticking. It linked up people all over the world and allowed people to learn, love, and respect each other all over a 1$ piece of plastic. It was a place where we could have fun, we could be free, where we can learn and be part of something when some had nothing left. This was the safe haven for people who might not have anything in the world..... So what happened? Where did we all go? Why did the people who gave their all just...vanish... Let's go back to a time...lets say 2006/2007. The Meetups were powerful, the ultra circles were meaningful, the love for each other was at its peak. This was the family anyone could ever dream of having or being a part of. We were a crew, we were a family. We woke up, we practiced, we couldn't wait to show each other how we grew. We looked up at people as mentors, and some looked at others as their own little brother and sister. For example: I remember the First time meeting Azzie and one of the first things I saw was a motherly nature in her. She took care of everyone in the east coast as if they were her children, gave advice, showed pride in everyone's skill if they were new or veteran in the art. I remember going to my first meetup in central park and seeing just everyone was there having fun, people who I never met opened arms and it didn't matter your background, it didn't matter about looks, style, nothing mattered. Just pure love. This is what made glowsticking.com flourish. I remember when Sparrow and Photon came to NY for thanksgiving, my house was opened for thanksgiving dinner, since in my eyes, through a 1$ piece of plastic that connected us on this site, they were family. I remember a time when the love was so real others were flying in from other states for meetups, to see other members of this Family we once was, to learn and grow, to appreciate and love. So where did we all go? Yes we all grew up, we all moved on to careers that kept us away from the art...but what about the "youth" of the site, why did we not have successors to keep this site going? Where is the new blood in the community that was supposed to keep this art, this site, this family alive? I saw someone in another post state the following This site was never a ghost town once, you could spend hours a day checking on what others did, said, viewed videos, critiquing and giving advice on what a person should work on to be better then they already was. Then I stumbled on a post by Photon labeled "Are we elitist". As much as one can argue that we were not, It was a double edged sword. We monopolized the glowsticking community. There was no other site like us. There was no other safe haven for people to be themselves. From club heads, to house artists, this was at one point the biggest most badass website out there. We knew it, no one from anywhere else could tell us otherwise. We had the Ultra circles, we had the meetups, we had it all. We had members pay out of pocket for studios for other members on the site to practice, to join together, to share and experience. We had rules and philosophies deeper then the catholic church. We had beliefs and morals that were as simple as just saying "just be a decant human being and show love for each other." Damn I miss those days and would kill to relive every memory I ever had with every member I was able to come across again. But at the end of the day, the site turned into another Jonestown Massacre. But who actually made the Kool-Aid for us to drink? I know I am making some real cult labeling references, but at the end of the day the only difference between us and a cult was that...well lets look what merriam-webster has to say about what a cult is: Well I'll be damned.... The only difference was I guess we weren't a "small group". Then I remember That-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named. A new glowsticking site which was becoming popular, whose morals and philosophies were a bit different then ours. A site that was more laid back on the rules and didn't care much but just was about glowsticking. But wait other sites have done so in the past? History does always repeat itself. Let's see, String-E People....and they loved their crews and battles. We didn't close then, and honestly this site was still remained strongest on the internet...but still we failed somewhere? Did we not install a failsafe on this website in case an "O shit" moment pops up? The wall around this website became higher, the rules became stricter, and there was more protective measures put into place to keep everything in its purist form. But is to much protection always good? Did the site shut its doors in fear the wrong people would join? This site always had lurkers, bad seeds, the site always had poisonous people in the community that were eventually weeded out. But how come the site didn't continue to grow? We say we weren't a crew, but we became so about ourselves we saw nothing else as "good" in our eyes. Anything else was our enemy and either they joined us or they fell. This goes back to being "Elitist". One website pops up and the site became so wrapped up in itself it choked out. #MakeGSCGreatAgain Close the borders! We only support one thing! China! Mexico! MS13! (Sorry had to throw in a trump meme) That was the last I saw of GSC. All my love and devotion was pushed away over the "needs of the good order of the website". Yes I posted in That-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named, isn't that what love was about though? Supporting other people for their love of glowsticking? Even if they weren't part of our family? Still support them under a 1$ piece of plastic. All I remember was others were also behind me in a whole #MakeGSCGreatAgain movement. GSC was always great though. What happened at the end...GXG died out...GSC died out....What is left out there? The art of glowsticking nuked itself to death over nothing. I post this never knowing if it will be read, I post this with hopes that one day this art will become alive again, that meetups will occur, that a family double the size of what we had will happen, that the love and care we had for each other will be reborn. So how do I feel now looking back at glowsticking.com? Yes we were elitist. Yes we showcased and performed, we didn't do it for attention yet 50 of us would create a circle using Ultra's and move a whole crowd so we could perform, so others can see, so we can showcase what we learned that year and that we progressed in our art. A painter can put his paintings in a gallery and make 0 dollars which is essentially what we did. We went to the clubs, we showcased and performed, we had our own clique our own family. Doesn't that go against all our beliefs and values? We Kept the mantra of "Fuck crews and Fuck battles", which to this day even as I still practice at home I still keep that value, but at the end of the day...all we were was a crew so big that we stretched across the globe.... and I would give my all to see that family one more time....This is where I met some of the greatest people in the world, and even after all that happened with me, I still have love for every member I ever came in contact with. 12 years later and yet I still find this place a home for myself.... Icy Out.
  2. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Crotchy? Jaded? Sounds like dirty old New York to me....but still at least it's nice to see xodiac and syphon are still tring to at least get New York/east coast hyped about glowsticking.....seeing their push reminds me of the old school 2007ish glowsticking days.... Miss them under the bridge in Central Park glowsticking meetups. When it was just 3-8 people showing up.... Best meetup was still everyone claiming to show up and it wound up being Aden, seven, and myself....still had so many laughs and was able to practice
  3. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Thank you for....something about lightbulbs? Or Edison?...or something? tl;dr
  4. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Wow the forums changed again? or just an error? lol... Holidays seems to have stolen me away from practice or anything glowstick related, but i got a few new strings (Plus my old ones) and im going to get back into the groove of things again. =P
  5. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    *sigh* Those were great times..when pink ultras were awesome....along w/ Jade and aquas.. now its all LED's....Chemical still rules over battery all day every day =P *edit* i remember where i got the pink ultras from, they just have pink 12 Hour Sticks...and from the looks of it online, it looks like the body is just pink and the chemical crack produces maybe a white just to shine... http://glowproducts.com/glowsticks/6inchglowstick/ Remember when we used to get the 50 stick package deals.. horey crap, not even Ultra Whites anymore......
  6. Yori's Room

    lol like 3 years ago cuz i was a dick lol
  7. judge dredd is a badass mother fucker and once again man its great to see you back on the forums!

  8. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    LOL I remember the next day (i think it was Rehan) telling me how his car was having issues and when he was trying to get a jump to his car the swat team like pushed him into the car and the helicopter was shining its light on him... That Story never gets old. How cops storm into a HUGE cuddle puddle fest.....
  9. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Candy Mountain Flashbacks? XD
  10. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Dear members of this thread talk about your glowsticking adventures love icy
  11. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    *Sigh* Remember when glowsticking.com had pictures of people of glowsticking on it. N> More Glowsticking activity
  12. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    LOL N> MORE FREEHANDERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing Older Members Makes this thread more awesome =D As Well As Newer Faces =P
  13. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Ehhhhh they still exist in my room somewhere lol. I break out the sock poi once or twice. I enjoy freehanding more now.
  14. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Lol i wouldn't call it a dick waving contest XD. However with the whole Tech Stringing, people forgot the fun of basics and stringing to string. There are people who still string for the enjoyment of doing something, skill never mattered as long as it was what you created and what you did.
  15. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    800 give or take =P