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  1. O_o anyone even around this area?
  2. Eh it's alright, I'm dealin with it. Hopefully soon an opportunity will pop up
  3. Holy crap you live
  4. Hey all I kinda went m.i.a. again, this time my house in missouri valley iowa flooded so I had to move back to omaha, this time I'm homeless D:. it sucks but I'm tryin to get back on my feet but it ain't that easy.
  5. Real Name: Steve State: Nebraska Location: Omaha Region: Omaha AIM: couple of towers Facebook: ask Phone: ask Style: Stringing mainly.
  6. Awww I took these just for you
  7. I just say EBM, Electric body music, that's all techno is to me anymore, it makes me want to dance, or just move. So I call techno, or edm, EBM, electric body music
  8. I just say acid house lol
  9. D: I'm still around kinda lol.
  10. hey uhh... Long time no see lmao, sorry bout the disappearance, turned 21 sept 26th. went to an awesome club last night that played 2 of my fav songs Here's a pic from last night, and the tatt I did myself lol it says PLUR
  11. i've gotten an even more liking to ebm / harsh ebm. It has that....underground / industrial feel to it that I enjoy, hard bass, driving synths. My favorite to string to, also like to string to gabber if I feel like doing weird awkward poi transitions quickly, off topic, yay. Been thinking about making something, kinda a mix between ebm, dubstep and psytrance, I like the bass from psytrance, and between breaks i could add wobblies, and use ebm style synths. I'll post when I get my comp back.
  12. I like the feel of gravity tugging on my arms, and it helps me flow better with poi, catches are a different story, those usually end up with me on the ground with a dazed look on my face, and a loud OW, with my eyes closed.
  13. Oh, I remember you! Welcome back.
  14. Hey, uhh I havent' been on in...a year? That's a long time, I haven't forgotten about you all, lol just goin through a bunch of stuff right now, and tryin to find a stable place to live, but if you remember me, HELLO . Also got a new tattoo I did myself, says PLUR, also going to addon to it soon too. Later
  15. I'm not saying they're subgenres, I'm saying that they really shouldn't be seperated because in the end they have the same qualities in some way or another where they could all be categorized in one simple name for all of them. I think it would be alot easier to find possibly new music you probably never woulda listened to before.