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  1. Sioux falls SD

    O_o anyone even around this area?
  2. *sneaks in* hai !

  3. Yea, this is me, and i'm back from the dead

    Holy crap you live
  4. Midwest Member Contact Thread

    Real Name: Steve State: Nebraska Location: Omaha Region: Omaha AIM: couple of towers Facebook: ask Phone: ask Style: Stringing mainly.
  5. Grawwr, lol I got a tattoo that says PLUR :D

  6. Dubstep

    can you post the link to that sketchy? embedding was disabled D=
  7. Dubstep

    I think I like the older dubstep better, with more wobble and reggae sounding synths and bass.
  8. Dubstep

    If you get a chance check out Distance's album "My demons", I love it, and also Rubber Chicken from Caspa
  9. Dubstep

    Yeah but it's kinda repetitive in a good way if you think about it.... It's easy to chill to Then again these days what's not repetitive
  10. Any other fans out there? I started listening to tech itch's half tempo stuff, then found caspa, skream rusko, and Distance and fell in love with dubstep. I just wanna know if there's any others with the same interest as me....I'm a hardcore bass addict and that's prolly what got me hooked.
  11. Whooo first day back stringing and I finally get down the butterfly buzz saw....with no hitting myself on the chin and the forehead at the same time