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  1. Also I just wanted to make sure who can and is willing to do the drive from So Cal as well. I have a weird feeling regardless of whether we take our cars or rent something larger the groups will be split up the same way. Let me know so I can start arranging rides! :) So far I know that we're setting up rides for (including those on the "maybe" list)...


    Raver Girl (Kristen)

    Romances (Andrei)

    9 A.D. (Mark)


    stylestep (Devin)

    eNrApTuRe (Mindy)

    Mindlesslogic (Kaylan)

    Jun0 (Marvin)

    Sh1n (Steven)

    blusilence (Chester)

    Natalie, did you want to come up with us as well? :)


    carpooling is great! but i'm going to have to say no thanks for now.. i might be leaving the meetup early than expected :)

  2. :fun: PARTAY at RAY's!!!


    and i wanna see your gorgeous pit bull greens!


    let's go SWIMMANG (though i cant swim)!!!! oh yeah i forgots... too cold, dont want to turn up as ice by the time i get out of the pool =]


    but yea! Good Nurse Natalie to the rescue! i do still have my "naughty" nurse side though :P and i'll be sure to bring my rectal probe, gloves... hmm... what else and a hospital gown with me along the way >=) tehehehe.... let's play nurse and patient shall we???? j/k

  3. hookah!!!


    damn it.. something else always happens by the time i have to go lol





    ANDR3W (Andrew)

    SoundBoy (Ray)


    FreddieC (Freddie)


    Wushu Raver (Patrick)

    Jaimison (James)

    Romances (Andrei)








    -Hookah Lounge-



    ANDR3W (Andrew)

    SoundBoy (Ray)





    Not Going:



  4. :smiling:


    uncracked glowsticks! tempting it is!


    i'm not too picky with the glowsticks.. any color, rough edges n heads doesn't matter to me, hooks or not -i can just bite it off... hehehehe ok i purposely made that sound "Dirty" but for real though.. anything is good for me.