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  1. hahaha yeah i've noticed i have a profile pic twin!! we rule lol.,

  2. lol i used to be a procrastinator i'm trying to stay away from that habit. the LA meet up was nice. we have a gs.c banner now, celebrated 5 bdays- and you shouldve gone since youre a februrarian too! hehe.

  3. Shelly! I miss you soooo much also! bring you and your awesome energy down here in Cali NOW! lol.

  4. hey lana! i've been good! :) I've been enjoying my weekend. how have you been?

  5. Wo0o0 Happy Birthday Phoenix!

  6. nope never heard of it until you mentioned it. i'd be there if only i didn't live too far lol. will you be going?

  7. Happy Birthday Danny!!!

  8. glad you could make it out yesterday!

  9. nice meeting you yesterday!

  10. hey awesome freehander nice to meet you yesterday. glad you made it out to so cal.

  11. nice to see you again yesterday! go TRE!

  12. nice to meet you yesterday glad you made it out.

  13. thanks for coming to my meetup <3 i cant wait to go to yours

  14. it's nice to finally meet you. glad you made it yesterday :)

  15. glad you could make it yesterday!

  16. hey andrea! glad you could make it out esp since you were so close to not going lol. thanks for the cake that was good.

  17. hey kaylan nice to see you again yesterday

  18. happy birthday ray ray!

  19. thanks for making it out yesterday.. and thanks for the sticks

  20. omg. youre awesome thanks for the kandy. w00t for raver girls. we should def rave together next time!

  21. thanks for making it out to the meetup!

  22. hey marine boy great seeing you yesterday

  23. /poke put a smile to your face more. it makes me sad when you dont. nice seeing you yesterday.