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  1. /wave hi jinn! oh n tells fuzzy-hat i says hi too!

  2. no match against my pumpkin balls of STEEL babyy!

  3. yay for practicing!

  4. hey! how you been? nice stringing vid, very impressive, keep it up!

  5. nice, you got the timeslot up!

  6. are you not going to edc? i thought i saw your name on the going list

  7. ooh the helicopter is a move i remember romances teaching me... it helped me remembering to start with your inner wrists in lock and then rolling the wrists as in opposition with the other along with the glowsticks.
  8. that's what enemies are for ;)

  9. EDC just 5 days away!

  10. i'm on AIM now! what now!! har har <3

  11. freehanding vid rocked! you go giirl.

  12. lol, you're my #1 enemy too! <3

  13. hey pretty name raeann!

  14. i might be there =]

  15. yes, moar pictures we shall have! the camera is OURS on EDC <3

  16. gotta <3 the stalkers.. whoever they may be... lol.


  18. hahaha i know, huh? well it looks like saul made a wise decision to go to POP! VIP ticket too, from what i hear ;)

  19. hey marv!!! have fun, sure wanna checkout ur bros gig but im gonna have to pass.again =]

  20. hey missy! where'v you been?

  21. ..or theres always la events if ur options has still run out. lineup probably wont beat pop's but its something to do on memorial weekend.

  22. hey you! i'm alive and well! =D lol.

  23. happy birthday!

  24. happy birthday syphon!