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  1. LA person! where in LA? your bday is 2 days from mine btw =D

  2. you could nevar disown me!!!

  3. cant make it this sat night, but will see you at jujubeats!

  4. so have you tried those fuzzy glowsticks yet? lol

  5. lolz danika and her fuzzy hat infatuations XD

  6. and i stalk back! again! the stalking game is fuun... stalk me again, stalk me again! lol..

  7. yeah def a great meet up. it was nice meeting you!

  8. i see you'll be in LA next week.. will try to see if i can make it to the get together meet

  9. tell me again how to bank my points?? i swear i was trying to figure it out on my own & i'm sad i cant =[ lol

  10. yo! add me! lol

  11. moar points for me!? im rich, rich i tell you! j/k. thanks will bear <3

  12. thanks for the points, woooo i'm rich!!

  13. you caught me lurking!!! lol

  14. omg your voice is beautiful!

  15. happy birthday!

  16. hi kael, it was nice meeting you at the fresno meet the other day! ohyeah nice poi moves!

  17. Happy birthday Shellz! <3

  18. marv on top of things, eh? very cool.

  19. very nice, who took footage? nice editing..

  20. so mister marv, how was awakening?

  21. ok well for whichever location, add me to the roll call =]

  22. ahh i know how that feels. same problem happened to me once. did you end up reuniting with your phone? or is it gone forever XD

  23. does that mean majority wins? i'm actually down for whichever. i'm just a little concerned because some of the LA locals may not have transportation and such.

  24. LA meetup aug 9 i'm up for it!

  25. oor if that doesn't work out, we can always have our own LA meetup! some people arent crazy about the driving and some w/o transportation