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  1. yup i dropped by cuz was stalking you...that's what it was! so i see you have 4 squares now! can you say postwhore?! j/k :P

  2. haha kk. well yeah i'll most likely go to the fresno meet-up so you can go ahead and add me to the going list!

  3. dude, i feel a period coming on... >=)

  4. you're the <3 of my life!!!

  5. have fun at lovefest & see u at monster!!

  6. Kess! i <3 your profile pic. i so want to whore your pic off to the boys <3

  7. Ohh you said it again! i knew it!!! Lolz. So it's Soundboy now, huh? <3

  8. hey dave, thanks for the new features <3

  9. Shelly you're wonderful! i wish you to visit Cali more often. we shall take more pictures together next year's EDC! <3

  10. yeah, i'm not going to lovefest either. but ill definitely see you at next year's EDC! <3

  11. thanks! your new pic is a jaw-dropper! love it! your hair, eyes, makeup, clothes- just beautiful!


  12. - read my "natalie thread"

    - <3 the new fresno time plan


    -STILL practicing

    - oh yeah, your combos rock!

    <3 natalie

  13. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    yay, well TAO for sure i'll be going to.. well most likely that is
  14. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    Going: R3DLIN3 (Andrew) Greens_2_Dust (Ray) Bueno Maybe: Wushu Raver (Patrick) Natalie Not Going:
  15. very pretty.. i think everyone did a good job =) yeah i did see some people try and jump into the circle at once.. must've been a rush with a bigger crowd this time.