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  1. First mix I have put up here, using my VCI 300 and MBP. Constructive criticism is encouraged as I would like to always get better. Let me know what you guys think Tracklist - George Acosta ft. Fisher - True Love Dakota - Johnny The Fox (Barnes and Heathcliff remix) Filo and Peri ft. Aruna - Ashley (Alex MORPH remix) DJ Eco presents Pacheco - Staring at the Sea Kyau & Albert - I Love You (Cosmic Gate remix) BT ft. Jes - Every Other Way (Armin Van Buuren remix) Sander Van Doorn & Purple Haze - Bliksem Kyau & Albert - Made of Sun PS - If your bored and want to comment on another mix I made a bit ago, here is a link to that (Similar style, dont have a tracklist for it. Minimal / progressive style)
  2. I am in love with this track. It is soooo bad ass
  3. Im not too big of a HHC fan, but I enjoy some of italian sensation. And I know he will throw a bangin set so I'm not sure if I want to go just yet!
  4. Utah actually has a pretty decent scene compared to the rest of the U.S. haha
  5. I owned a vw and let me tell you. They are not the easiest thing to maintain. I would also suggest a Honda civic with everyone else
  6. Sell that, buy an evo and you can take turns at 60
  7. 03-05 evo = evo VIII
  8. Idk yet. I've already seen Dean, but I might go
  9. Winturr iz fur boreding!
  10. Thank you jin How about Paul Van Dyk ft Lo-Fi Sugar - Haunted (tyler michaud remix)
  11. Anyone know a song that has lyrics that say "I'm turning down the Rio/Real/Rail" I don't exactly know the last word, but I know it starts with R haha. Also is a female vocalist
  12. THE chillax song. I love cruisin all slow in my car and rockin this!
  13. Ever year I hear that legends is a fail
  14. I have made my way into a 04 Evo VIII and love her to death. Such a blast to drive, and don't think any car can handle the way this thing does! G35s are sexy as hell! I debated one of those before. Can't believe this thread has been revived haha
  15. Same here. They would be epic live