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  1. Omg I forgot how much fun it is to glowstick it's been about 6yrs since I've been on here.
  2. ok that sounds kool but i am bringing my gf with too is that kool.
  3. hello everyone Im thinking of going to this since im not going to ultra this year. Can someone give me some info on hotels and like airport or do I need a rental car to get to the venue, This would be my first time in colorado thanks
  4. Ok so I havent posted a comment on here in a longgg time now. I just so happen to come across this vid and had to post, very nice camera I havent seen a video well edited like that in a while looks very professional. I love the camera angles and the setting and the stringing was good.
  5. Yo whats been up you havent called in a while hit me up.
  6. I like the idea that the room is lit I can see whats going on. very nice flow
  7. Okay so its been a while since Ive been on here and posted on here but must say that was really tight. Thats really smooth how you rotate the sticks the flow was good but might want to throw some more stuff in there and I like the tune you played.
  8. hello everyone its been a while since I posted on here but you guys can put me on the going list, this will be my 8th time going. i think this year I might stay a little longer.
  9. Hello everyone its been a while since ive been on here. Well its offical me and a friend of mine will return there for the second time. We are staying right down the street from Nos center, what would be the best transportation to get to LA though.
  10. Well I had a blast saturday night the carl cox tent always seem to blow me away thats where I was most of the time. i met a couple people like fakeshot and techno techie and his friend very nice guys. and fakeshot your very good at your string manips.
  11. That was a really good video i like how you did alot of variations in there. How did you make the ball at the top of your poi cause i was thinking abput doing that instead of wraping it around my hand.
  12. hmmm thats where i hang out on day 1 the house tent. I will be the guy with a pair of neon green sock poi for day time and at night i'll have my blue led lights. Has it been raining over there?
  13. yeah I'm one of that has to eat. and make sure you bring shades cause it can be blinding sometimes except for when it rained 2 years ago lol. but what happen to fsob being at area 51 that place was bad azz. it was like a maze when your inside.
  14. They will have the one day tickets when it gets closer but a one day ticket will be about 100$
  15. OMG above and beyond and Pendulum This is really going to be the best one.