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  1. Fresno?

    Too bad that charizard's wings are broken from the fall...
  2. Fresno?

    I heard he walked off a cliff while playing Pokemon Go
  3. Brooms

    Melvin? Lol jking. What's new on here, Brian?
  4. It's been ages! Somehow, I still remember my user name and password!

  5. Just saying what's up!

    Welcome to gs.c! Unfortunately, most of the Fresno glowstickers moved on with other things in life...although, you would probably be able fo catch a few of the guys at the local events.
  6. Wow it has been a fucking while....

    I'm surprised I still remember my username and's been ages since I've been to a meet up...however, I do run into glowstickers from time to time.
  7. Fresno?

    Greens2dust, R3DLIN3 and userjay may still be around...or lurking in the shadows.
  8. Brooms

  9. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    Welcome to the Winter Fresno Meet Up Thread! What is a better way than to end the year with a Meet Up? Unfortunately, the first attempt for a meet up in the past didn't go too well, but hopefully, we can change all of that and gather up some people for this one! After seeing how much Northern California and Southern California have evolved, it’s about time we focused a little more on Central California! Date: December 29, 2007 The Meet Up will be broken into three timeslots (because we’re cool like that ): 1. BBQ at Greens2Dust’s Pad (meet up at Selland Arena first to drive to Ray’s House) *from 2:00PM – 5:00PM **PM SoundBoy for directions 2. Glowsticking at Fresno City College *from 5:00PM to 8:00PM 3. Chill at Ghalabs Kabob’s Hookah Lounge *from 8:00PM to whenever (Option still holds) Location: Selland Arena -----> Greens2Dust's Pad Address: 848 M Street, Fresno, CA, 93721 Location: Fresno City College Campus Address: 1101 E University Avenue, Fresno, Ca 93741 also, when driving, DO NOT take Van Ness because it's a one way street and may lead you off course... What will be provided: Glowsticks (Bulk of 50 glowsticks) Mini CD/Cassette Player with some trance cds (bring your own if you like) Things to bring: Glowsticks (in case I run out of sticks) Strings (for the glowstringers) Umbrella (optional but, if we can't find a spot with shelter you might need it) Camera (if we are recording) Mini boom box or any sort of music device (I'll bring my mini CD player if we can't find something else) It is highly suggested to wear a SWEATER because it's cold during the Winter! For Questions, Contact Me: AIM: SkOoBoY aNdReW 1 Yahoo Messenger: skoo_boy_andrew Myspace: also, PM me for my phone number if anything... -BBQ LIST- Andrew - Polish dogs and buns Bueno - Hamburger patties and buns Ray - Plates/cups and stuff Natalie - fruit and veggies and dip Patrick - Drinks/chips Kaylan - Soda -MEET UP- GOING: ANDR3W (Andrew) Greens_2_Dust (Ray) Bueno FreddieC (Freddie) Natalie Wushu Raver (Patrick) Jaimison (James) DJ Greenheart (Albert) Jun0 (Marvin) Mindlesslogic (Kaylan) MAYBE: stylestep (Devin) jaime 9 A.D. (Mark) Sh1n (Steven) blusilence (Chester) NOT GOING: Romances (Andrei) Decipher Raver Girl (Kristen) Plan "B" Just to let you guys now, just in case we arrive late to the meet up spot at Fresno City College, we will be heading over to a different spot, but since we're all meeting up at Greens2Dust's pad first of all, we'll play follow the leader to that other spot (which is about 1 mile away from his pad)... PROMOTION VID (Not really but oh well )
  10. Spiral...It took me ages to decide over clap vs. stack.
  11. When you have battle scars from learning basic wraps.
  12. ollie. two-beat weave. kick-flip three-beat weave.
  13. Shhhh no one will know my secret identity!

  14. I oughta road house you then :P