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  1. Too bad that charizard's wings are broken from the fall...
  2. I heard he walked off a cliff while playing Pokemon Go
  3. Melvin? Lol jking. What's new on here, Brian?
  4. Welcome to gs.c! Unfortunately, most of the Fresno glowstickers moved on with other things in life...although, you would probably be able fo catch a few of the guys at the local events.
  5. I'm surprised I still remember my username and's been ages since I've been to a meet up...however, I do run into glowstickers from time to time.
  6. Greens2dust, R3DLIN3 and userjay may still be around...or lurking in the shadows.
  7. Roadhouse
  8. Good stuff Brian. How about a Fresno meetup?
  9. Spiral...It took me ages to decide over clap vs. stack.
  10. Good stuff, keep it up! Don't forget about those camera angles! I would suggest working on more wraps as well as poi variations (crossers, buzzsaws, stalls, extensions, etc.)
  11. When you have battle scars from learning basic wraps.
  12. Stick with the 6" It gives you more leverage in control, especially if playing with manipulations.
  13. ollie. two-beat weave. kick-flip three-beat weave.