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    I like: Music(every single kind), art, lit., history, dancing, connecting, smoking a lil ganja, cooking, people, sleeping<br /><br />I dont like: Egos, liars, water I cant see the bottom of, money, competition, people who think their pshycologists, hard liqour, being 20

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  1. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    was it any good?
  2. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    I guess we're the only ones ;-)
  3. Official GS.C Utah Thread!

    Name:Chris Mallin Location:Tooele(temp.) Age :21 School: Salt Lake Community College(culinary arts) Ride Status:Regarding cars I imagine...Uhm 01 explorer sport, and i just got a great new system Dance Style (Freehand, Strings, Wave, Tut, Liquid Ect…): I mostly string and freehand, but my dance is...unique? Time Span of Dancing: not even a year Goals: haha thats a lil vauge. I really want to become a better glowsticker and spread the attitude and ideas this site and community have shown me. In the big picture, I wanna own a restraunt Other: I would love to get together with some of you utah stickers and hang out, so dont be a stranger!