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  1. I hear your gonna be at AUSA this year man. That's wassup man. Hope to see ya there. It's been a while. But yeah, just wanted to say hi cause it's been a while. Hit me back...

  2. my#is on my facebook

  3. Hey you talk to Anya about the RCC room?

  4. Thrillseekers is coming town this Week BOY

  5. Any idea as to why my computer (a mac) won't let me download the vid?
  6. Word Association

    Jim Carry
  7. Name: Paul / EchO Age: 17 Gender: Male Location: Falls Church, Northern Virginia Interests: hanging out and freehanding Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: No, too many greats Musical Interest: I'm not picky Goal in the next 5 years: Be happy Goal in the next 20 years: Be happier What turns you on about the opposite sex: a little of this, a little of that If i had a million dollars I would: probably blow quite a bit of it I am good at: making friends School (if applicable): George Mason Work (if applicable): If only I am on because: I love this stuff My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: typical What do you do for fun? Whatever comes to mind Random fact about yourself: I hate school What you did last weekend: Stuff What yo do when you go out: Cool stuff Are you in a relationship? The best I could ever ask for Are you looking to be in a relationship? No need to search, I'm happy