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  1. come back and do a new video :'{

  2. i like your hyperloop Tutorial. oh and i made my first video. i was really drunk so like none of my anti spins look good :[

    but ill send it to ya.

  3. ok my name it ii7upii

    ill add you there :]

    YAY more pacman videos!!!

  4. Also, Im working on publishing some new vids. I have about 10 of them all lying around in my archieve, not worth watching, but I will be trying to get out a few tutorials I made awhile back for a friend. Again, add me as a friend on youtube if we are not, I have more videos hidden for friends. later

  5. Hey! Thanks for the comments. Sometimes I think my videos are pieces of shit and toss them or make them private. If you have a youtube account, tell me so I can add you. moar videos there!

  6. dude im a big fan of your glowsticking powers :] i like the "pacman ultra video" the best. keep uploading your poi videos since you do fire poi now. :P

  7. i love your ultra video :P



    yeah i just joined.

    my buddy (xc ) told me i should.

    i, soooo loooost.


    i have no idea how to work this site.


    i think its like super sck that i can meet and talk with all the like REALLY good stringers that blow my mind.

    idk, theyre like celebrities to me.


    like you!



  9. whats up man. glad you found me on here.



  11. Yo.

    I joined GSC recently after spinning for a couple of months. Just wanted to say you were my inspiration to start spinning and eventually becoming involved with the rave culture and whatnot. Thanks for that.

  12. aye sensei. uhm yea but day to practice for me :| try again next weekend or weekdays...peace & snap crackle pop