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    corn ( don't ws the first thing I thought of )
  2. Name: Neo_Chalchas Age:15 Gender:Male Location: Winter Springs, Fl Interests: Glowstringing, Trumpet Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Enders Game/ (N/A) /Lost, Heros Musical Interest: Older and softer Rock...Jazz...anything with a trumpet in it. Goal in the next 5 years: To be in college, to be able to play the heck outta my trumpet and to be able to have a mastery (at least in my eyes) of glowstringing. Goal in the next 20 years: To be a respected person who is making a moderate-highish income What turns you on about the opposite sex: Uhhh...I think this may be against some of the profanity rules of the forum If i had a million dollars I would: Put it in an account. Then buy a very nice computer, a nice trumpet and a flugelhorn, then invest the rest and live off the income while still working (cause I love my job) I am good at: Psychology and acting...I can really get into peoples heads. I can actually become someone is actually kind of scary once you think about it and what I could do with it to impersonate poeple or to pretend to be someone I'm not. I am REALLY REALLY good with, Linux, and other base Unix systems. I am an Ethical hacker..I hack for the fun of it, but I don't destroy anyting becuase I don't think that is right. School (if applicable): High-School Work (if applicable): Freelance computer repair I am on because: I want to learn the fine art of glowstringing...I'm really excited about it, My website/picutures are located: get back to you on that...My site is in a transitional stage right now. Describe yourself: Funny...see humor in some really wierd ways. I have brown hair until band camp then the sun bleaches it dirty blonde in like, two days. My eyes range from blue to green to steel blue based on how tired I am. I have a strong upper body build, which is kind of wasted becasue my exercise is mostly limited to Marching Band and Glowstringing. What do you do for fun? Trumpet, Glowstringing, surf the net Random fact about yourself: I once laughed so hard a noodle went up my nose (like the milk thing)...I spent the entire recess later blowing my nose into the ground trying to get the noodle out. What you did last weekend: Band competition What yo do when you go out: Hang with friends mostly...nothing too wild. Are you in a relationship? No Are you looking to be in a relationship? Not really, life's hectic enough
  3. The basics...mostly wraps. I also am trying to get my stalls to look more confident and to keep moving...not stop in the air, kinda fall some and then get back into swing a little shakily...they still look cool though. I'm a beginner but when I start getting mroe advanced then I'll edit this for my more advanced learnings when I get to it. NC