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  1. passing some love to the legendary blog
  2. Can't believe my eyes OO' 1:16-1:22 2:17-2:20 Golden ideas man
  3. I have a crush on suzume wanna get married dude!!? you guys are all super inspiring aghhhh love you all so muchh :hugs&kisses!!:
  4. LOL that's what's up thanks for the inspiration duuude Homo-->ness accepted
  5. thank you guys for inspiring me
  6. behind the back forward weave took me like a yearrr XO!! LOL
  7. Suzume getting sexy with them supermans wana get married duuude? lolol
  8. *crycry* the single vid XD yeah man I'll submit another fer sure *hugs* PR was just as I remembered it growing up smell of mango on the highway n drunk people lol my final destination
  9. WOW!!! had no idea there was this much material This blog has come a long way Passing some love to all you who've submitted xbadkaraokex Xetmath bukklee Demo suzume Tico Whiteman Trebek fakesh0t my heroes
  10. yea dude I'll be down I've been thinking about making a few tuts or just contributing to the blog gotta make a quick clip at the glowshop 2moro 1st lol Can't download the link right now I'm away gana download that bad boy when i get home *peace&love 2 you all*
  11. just passing some good cheer for the blog so glad to see you guys pushing concepts around I've been so out of it lately it's really good to see some passionate glowsticking artist Keep up the amazing work *hugs&kisses*
  12. Request for a new solo vid from both sparrow n karaoke
  13. gotta give some love to karaoke for that 1handed bf weave
  14. Yori's Room

    aghh too much time >,<'
  15. Yori's Room

    so is minimal contact txt me sometime miss you baby cakes jk jk but seriously...
  16. what happens differently in your brain that allows you to think like this? thanks so much for sharing *absorbing new material...all systems shutting down*
  17. I'm going to be in Puerto Rico 2moro

    call or txt me so we can meetup :)


  19. @critical Idk yet dude

    Weather seems to be getting really good

    i'll let you know as soon as I know of course

  20. Yori's Room

    Wow! Such an awesome video!! Great Job Juan!
  21. Hey Shizzy I'm flying out to Puerto Rico this summer!

    Was thinking it would be pretty awesome to get to know some glowstickers out there

    I'm most active on facebook and youtube so message me sometime :)

  22. Yori's Room

    never been to pacha im scared ._.'
  23. Yori's Room

    fine fine I'm down w/ w/e