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Status Updates posted by Syphonkiller

  1. I'm going to be in Puerto Rico 2moro

    call or txt me so we can meetup :)


  2. @critical Idk yet dude

    Weather seems to be getting really good

    i'll let you know as soon as I know of course

  3. Hey Shizzy I'm flying out to Puerto Rico this summer!

    Was thinking it would be pretty awesome to get to know some glowstickers out there

    I'm most active on facebook and youtube so message me sometime :)

  4. LMAO SHHH!!! ninja >>'...

  5. XD yeah dude.. can't miss the next 1..

    lol WHAT!?

    I remember getting you confused with Dier awhile ago..

  6. who won? you or the mirror?

  7. want a piece of my crew @@' is that it XD!!

  8. shh you see nothing.

  9. Hey Dan, Glad to see you have such an appreciation for the art.

    Good to have you on board. =]

  10. yeah =/ lol maybe next time??