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  1. That's really cool you guys r gonna be starting a tech blog!!! Brandon (BxCommano) and I have been planning on starting a tech blog of our own for a long while now but jus have been to busy/lazy to get the first vid out... We will be doin this on our own and making the vids public so any glowstringer/poist can get inspiration for them. Best of luck with ur guys' tech blog though!!! Hope it turn out great!!
  2. Ive been planning on starting a tech blog for a long while now... Jus been to lazy/unmotivated to film and edit lately... Having a lot of ppl put out ideas regularly would definitely help the community progress a lot and help ppl to stay inspired
  3. Psttt i have a question.. Aim me when u get the chanse =x

  4. John! Dude, it was great to talk to you finally after seeing you at different NorCal events in the past. Glad you made it home safe and I will see you at LovEvolution!

  5. global J lives up to the name

  6. sup j! norcal lovefest wahooo!

  7. I wanna c these new concepts u speak of..... Please dont jus put in in the supporter section though cuz then alot of us wont be able to c it and id love to c what mimics and rewinds r .... And if u really want to put in in the supporter section i guess i understand.... I would be a supporter to if i want broke all the time ( i waz looking for a good smiley to end the sentence but came across the sheep and thought it waz funny so i put it in ) And as for stuff im working on..... Alot of it i cant explain cuz im horrible at explaining things but lets jus say it UTL stuff..... And ive been working on my Antispin Flowers alot.... And for some reason i still cant get them hella good...... like i have the pedel placement down its jus getting the right timing with my arms fully extended...... Sometime i doubt if ill ever get them cuz ive been workin on them for so long but mayb one day it will jus click...... o0o yeahh ive been working on string manips to a lil..... I need to clean them up alot though..... But ima get here and go work on my mix so everyone that reads this, have a kick ass day(or night depending on when u read this) and ill ttyl
  8. Dont push urself to hard man..... And make sure u stretch b4 practicing moves that make u stretch alot cuz u can end up damaging ur shoulders alot........ Like my left shoulder makes a sickening crack when i move it back and forth now from not warming up and stretching properly...... And if ur having trouble with crossers go check out clerics crosser video..... I think that video helped alot of us learn those....... And for a move im working on at the moment, im workin on quarter time isolations.......