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  1. Midwest Intro Thread

    Hey, starting Aug 16 I am, you punk. I'll be a lot closer to you so dont make me want to beat you up xD Name: Steph HO Location: Urbana-Champaign and Chicago Style: Stringing Freehand~
  2. Midwest Intro Thread

    I didn't see one so here it goes... post up, kids Name: Location: Style:
  3. Holy crap, every version this gets longer... so i'm just going to fill in the important stuff. if ya'll want to know more... actually talk to me, you forum whores. Name: Stephanie HO Age: 18 Gender: FEMALE Location: Dallas, Texas... soon to be Champaign, Illinois Interests: um, photography, glowstringing (occasionally xD), grandia III, procrastinating School (if applicable): University of Illinois class of 2010! Work (if applicable): Console Game Exchange. I am on glowsticking.com because: of the boys, duh. xD just kidding... because glowsticking is sweet and this community rocks My website/picutures are located: xanga.com/stephanieho Catch me on AIM: excitingtrousers Or if youre that cool on IRC: xelium #bored