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  1. Don't worry GSC

    Rip in pieces Rip in pieces
  2. DUDE LONG TIME NO SEE MAN. Been doing pretty good. Haven't sticked for a long time bro. I might make it up to Otakon this year. I'll keep you posted! How you been?
  3. You gotta ease into it. When the stick comes down, you're catching it still but as the stick makes contact you must compensate for the inertia so it doesn't fall out. It takes time and patience. You'll get it.
  4. Long time no see guys. I practiced at a rave last Friday, and I gotta say, "Feels bad man." I forgot everything that I learned, all my style was gone. Worst part I kept dropping em.
  5. I think I saw you at the quad last friday...

  6. We should totally do a session, that'd be sick. Any other GSCers that live in the area?

  7. I live in the Duluth/Alpharetta area. You? Do you use skype often? Because imma add you.

  8. WELL THEN!!!! lol jk. So where in ATL do you live

  9. Haha i'm a freehander :)

  10. sup, nice to see another stringer in GA

  11. Whoa hey, I recently saw the Girl's Collab and I really didn't think anyone else still sticked in GA. It sucks the scene is kind of dead here. I was wondering, do you go to SCAD? Maybe we could arrange a meetup for fellow GA stickers. Or if you're ever in the Atl area, Paboo, H2L, and my friend Derek could do a session. Looking forward to hearing back!

  12. Did you go to Pendulum?

  13. Oh man that means a lot :3 Yaaay.