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  1. thanks for posting the pictures sir! they're awesome!

  2. and cedar sir you dont know how badly i want it to be permanent

  3. sir we definitly are not, i've been cemented in it for years and i can say otherwise, its just that sometimes it may feel that way




      cannot wait to see all of my colo gs.cer's again!!

      love you guys

  5. why yes sir, it is indeed a direct tribute to master gaara himself :) and i love highfives! highfive comin right back your way :D

  6. smoothest man alive right here, butter has nothing on him

  7. Leavin for colorado Tuesday :D

  8. anytime sir, its was a pleasure. Been quite a while since i've reviewed a video in fact : D so im just getting back intot the swing of things, i wish i had a video of my own to show you but alas i have 0 solo vids. maybe this shall change in the future tho :P im long overdue for one by several years. cant wait to see more from you!

  9. feels great to make a reappearance :D

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    2. xbadkaraokex


      never met you but its cool to see you post :D



      why thank you very much, i look forward to posting with you ;P

    4. SuckMyPoinis
  10. cray-z we got this mang, check your facebook g ;)

  11. amen to that man, i was really hyped to stick but alas we still had a blast reguardless, i tell ya that all of you guys were awesome, couldnt of asked for more friendly people to meet up with you guys rock

  12. yargh i cant figure out how to friend you on here >.<

  13. awesome guy right here and he has some really cool friends too, hey wade thanks for chillin with john and i man, it was a blast i wont soon forget. Stay safe and i'll talk to you later

  14. is looking at how much the site has changed and feels dumbfounded on how to work it >.<

    1. Cray-Z Style

      Cray-Z Style

      i feel you man... i just signed on for the first time in ages. the site looks really good, just going to take a minute to get use to it. hey man, i moved to dayton ohio now, you still in the ville?? we should get together



      and get together we shall sir

  15. OMG your on gs.c!!!! lol

  16. i totally understand bro, just hang in there because remember the more you invest in your future the more you will have

  17. wow, i am blushing. you are making me feel special. i cannot wait to see you and your awesome dress!!!

  18. hey mr. kessi!! not too much here just busy playing with my 15 inch glowsticks and havin a blast helping put together footage from candyball!!! how have you been? good i hope

  19. can't complain my man, we have a lot of exciting things coming up including the candyball compilation and such. lots to do! how are you my man, its been a while. hope all is well

  20. THAT VIDEO WAS AMAZING!!! thank you so much for all of the hard work. and thank you for letting me be a part of something so great. truly it will be remembered.

  21. glad to see that your back man!!!

  22. NOOOOO!!!! i am now captain sad:( my pc has been randomly shutting off, and i have tried everything under the sun to fix it, i hope you get a new laptop soon, until then, text away we shall!

  23. doin great man thanks! awww just to re-enter? no fun, lol

  24. have fun with that list man, hope it helps, also check out, largest dnb website, great stuff to download

  25. mr. redline, like the new avatar pic, uhp? whats that i see? an "x" on the hands, you youngin :P