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  1. fine i'll make a video tomorrow. ya im on the EC friend is trying to buy me a airplane ticket back for EDC but thats 50/50.... :| I also have a new video I just recorded today..
  2. anti butterfly flowers > shotgun > change plane... repeat... BOOM
  3. thx arronn! hope to see more...
  4. HEY great meeting you last night! Looking forward to hangin with you again

  5. yo what's up fakeshot it's darula from nocternal wonderland it was good spinning with you dude you got mad poi skills keep it up hope tosee you again keep in touch

  6. This will be my first Insomniac event and seeing GSC'ers. I hope to see you there @ nocturnal buddy! :D

  7. You first name is my middle name! LOL

    Hopefully I see you at UMF! haha

  8. I met you through bara and soundwave!

  9. ya, I met you through bara!

  10. hey didnt u go to ultra music fest this year??

  11. what happen to the aqua? they dont sell em anymore.. =[???
  12. 3 beat side reels left and right side. >_<
  13. Texas Member Contact Thread

    im not going to lounge.. infected is always in dallas fyi so im not missing much haha do you go to afterlife? theres an drum n bass event this comming saturday =]
  14. Texas Member Contact Thread

    I live in Arlington..ryan.. haha aim = phatty on fiya