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  1. you really said blaow lol.

  2. Don't hit yourself in the eye either lol.

  3. waddup homie! Start posting lol

  4. You make me hard. That is all

  5. Congrats on the Electric Zoo gig

  6. Psssssssssssssssst!!!

  7. heeeey!!!! yay you joined!

  8. Yo! Glad you joined up man.

  9. Good seeing you last night homie!

  10. Hey man whats up. Good to see another bronx fellow on gsc!

  11. haha you know tsui?? dude she's like my little sister. ive known her for yeaarrrs. if you have any questions about the site or anything dont hesitate to ask man. my aim's on my profile

  12. Welcome to GSC! i read you were from queens! im from the bronx, dont be a stranger in the east coast section

  13. *waves* =) Hope the NorCal link helped you!

  14. Welcome to GSC!

    Had to say you have one of the coolest display names ever lol

  15. Its all about the BUG yo!

  16. owe me $10 from that collection plate =P

  17. Congrats on the staff=)

  18. Happy birthday cybr!