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  1. Texas Member Contact Thread

    GARLANDZ?!?!? 2132132132!!LS;JFDS! Im glad your moving closer to home .
  2. kewl man. yeah that sounds pretty fun I live in Arlinton right now so Frisco isnt that bad of a drive for me (1hour+ alil). but yeah will be looking forward to meeting up with you.

  3. haha nothing much just chilling. man iwas tired in that picture. what have you been up to?

  4. ahh thanks merry christmas to you too. sorry for the late reply I usually dont check this new feature on our profiles lol. Help me get to California and I might :-D.

  5. cleaning up some stuff and trying to be creative with more things.. also has this happened to anyone else where you know how to do a move well adn then suddnely you cant do it as well? iunno if this sounds confusing but for some reason i used to be able to do full body crossers and now recently theyve been hitting my sides even though I used to be able to do them well and its not like i havent done them in awhile.. well iunno its just confusing.
  6. any tips on the BTB wallplane weaves or BTB fountains that u might not find in Sparrows tutorial or elsewhere? im having trouble kind of entering it.
  7. is their something that wrong with clapping? i mean i read that post that furinax put up about it but iunno i just feel comfortable doing the clap.. btw i see the light with the btb weave cuz like i can kinda do it but it hits my sides a little i need to clean it up.
  8. working on UTA crossers and BTB weave . God the BTB weave rargle. any extra tips other than the tutorials for the BTB weave?
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  14. ouch that must hurt. but dood make sure ur going really slow cuz incase its gonna hit ur face u got time to dodge it. haha
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  16. haha i remember when i was learning doubel bicep wraps too. my solution was to do wrap one of the sticks around my bicep and the other stick was spinning in a circle infront of me on the opposite side. basically i did that till i felt comfortable then i wrapped that other stick too. lol
  17. more wrap combo variations then ill be attempting 1. btb weave
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    pop tarts
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