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  1. Name: Martino Nguyen Age: 15 Gender: male Location: OC Interests: Breakdancing and glowsticking Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:none/none/family guy Musical Interest:any type i guess Goal in the next 5 years:to form a group of dancers that have urban styles(i.e. popping, breaking, some raving, etc.) Goal in the next 20 years:get a good job What turns you on about the opposite sex:dont know.... If i had a million dollars I would: save it in a bank I am good at: being social, learning new things School (if applicable): La Quinta High School Work (if applicable): I am on because: i love the culture of it...and i hope it will help me on my glowsticking My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: curious What do you do for fun? go out learning new things Random fact about yourself: i eat a lot What you did last weekend: breakdance What yo do when you go out: socialize Are you in a relationship? yes Are you looking to be in a relationship? not really