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  1. My old tutorial on wraps yo :)


    I just started glowstringing so I'm still with the basic wraps. I have some of them down, like the arm wrap and some-what of the alternate arm wraps. I'm still stuck on learning a style/my style. The forward/reverse 3/5 beat I got down to a tee. But the btb weave I'm still iffy on. I'll have it for like 5 seconds and then I hit my leg, so I'm still working on that. Just started, today actually on the neck and leg wraps. My head hurts like no other lol. I try to learn multiple moves all at once, is that bad? I mean, like I'll do the btb weave for a bit, then go to like wraps and practice for a bit, then just go freestyle and try to mix it all together, to the best of my abilities lol. The double bicep wraps are messing with me!!! My glow stick always loses momentum on the return to the arm that's holding the string...idk what to do....I need pointers on everything and anything!!! P.L.U.R.

    AND I am working on some meteor combos, freehanding and string manipulations :3 combine ALL the things